Saturday, 28 January 2017

Hello (again)

So of course I didn't go back to blogging when I said I would. I'm far too lazy for that. Nothing much has happened since, pretty much everything is stil as it was. We're still doing a rubbish job at wedding planning (though in fairness we have looked at quite a few venues now, I'm just both picky and indesisive. Oh and not forgetting, not exactly rolling in money). I'm 27 now and I'm sure when I was little I thought I'd have my shit together at this stage but I really don't. I am happy, for the most part, so that's all that matters.
As for blogging, I still do want to post more, but to be honest the world of blogging is increasingly boring and infuriating me. Seems like so many are not happy without a good whinge about how injust something or other is. Just get the sand out your vag already. I still love an unpolished, real blog with no ulterior motive other than to tell you a bit of goss or what good shit they've bought lately. Shame these are becoming a rare breed.
Anyways, this could be my yearly check in. Or not. We'll see how it goes.