Sunday, 30 September 2012

Chocolate Orange Cupcakes!

So these are my chocolate orange cupcakes I made last night. They look exactly the same as the chocolate cupcakes I featured on here earlier in the year but trust me there is a difference! Granted they don't look very attractive and they could have risen a bit more but they are rather yum! Click here for the recipe I used. I didn't quite follow the instructions though..I just bunged everything together and gave it a good stir! I also added orange zest (jeez them buggers were hard to grate) and some orange extract- Valencian orange no less. I thought about decorating them with a chocolate orange segment but I realised I'm not made of money! I polished off about 4 of these this morning. Breakfast of champions!

Artfully done as always...
Leftover frosting-Midnight snack mebbe??

Gilding the Gobstopper

I have no idea why but I just could get a clear shot of this polish- so frustrating! But I do love the combination of Beauty UK matte finish nail polish in Gobstopper and a gold W7 crackle polish. If I remember rightly when I tested Gobstopper out a while ago it stained my nail even though it was only on for a short amount of time so before I applied it I put on two coats of clear polish. Fingers crossed it should have done the job! Staining aside it's a gorgeous polish and was very easy to work with. I could have gotten away with just one coat but a second made it really intense. I don't find it to be truly matte but it's definitely not a high shine finish. It's also pretty hard wearing- I did some baking last night and then had loads of washing up and even though it was fairly fresh on it didn't chip at all- very impressive! I haven't used the W7 polish much but it makes a lovely accent nail. It's quite a summery look but has helped cheer me up!

Matte I think not but lovely all the same!
No idea how much the W7 one was but the BeautyUK one is £1.99 from Superdrug-a steal!

Friday, 28 September 2012

Sally Hansen Insta Dri Grape Escape

I got this polish recently at Pound Word after wanting to get a deep purple polish for A/W - I didn't already have one in my collection, surprisingly! For a quid I was really impressed with this.It's a standard two coater (but just one coat gave good coverage) and it does live up to it's claim and dry quickly. It applied well, although I always find it more tricky with dark polishes so it does look a little shoddy on closer inspection. The fairly wide brush was good though and helped me along- it seemed to fit the nail. It's a lovely rich, deep purple colour that has a sort of metallic edge when the light catches it. The purple comes out more in the light too as it can look like a dark blue in lower lighting. All in all a lovely 'moody' sort of polish that is perfect for Autumn.

Thursday, 27 September 2012

Naked Mild Shampoo For A Sensitive Scalp

This isn't related to what I'm about to write about but I just had the most disturbing dream where Gary Rhodes (?!?!?!) was chilling with my friends and absolutely loving it at a nightclub, lounging back with all the ladies, haha. What's worst is I was genuinely chuffed he was there. I do worry for my sanity sometimes. Especially as I haven't even seen anything with him on for absolutely ages! Anywaaaays...

I thought I'd review something I've only recently started to use again after using it a few times then banishing it to the cupboard under the sink. I bought this as now and then I have a really itchy scalp and once I'd checked that it wasn't actually nits from the little darlings I work with (I get so paranoid, I constantly check!) I bought this as I needed something really gentle and non aggravating. My scalp was feeling itchy again recently so I dug this out once more and I think I like it better than the first time I used it. As it's sulphate free it doesn't foam up as well as normal shampoos but it does say that it will lather better the second time around, which it does. However then you also run the risk of over cleaning but as it's so gentle I don't really think it's an issues. I've also found out that how well it lathers seems to depend on how greasy my hair is when I wash it and what products I've used. Works best though when your hair is really wet, sounds daft but it has to be fully saturated, as it were! This one contains neroli, from orange blossom, and oatmeal extract to help prevent a dry, red, itchy scalp. It doesn't contain any sulphates, parabens or petrochemicals either and claims to be 97% natural. I'm not normally fussed about this but when my scalps feeling delicate it matters. You can also get the matching conditioner, which I'm tempted to buy now as I do like using matching sets! It smells lovely, I think, though it might not be to everyone's taste. It is very runny however and as I have somehow managed to break the lid I have to pour it out and it can be easy to over do it and waste it all. It doesn't feel as moisturising or silky as other shampoos but once I've dried my hair it looks nice and relatively shiny. It can make my hair a bit knotty, which is another reason I want the matching conditioner, but it does seem to have calmed down my scalp and that's most important. Both shampoo and conditioner costs £4.19 from Boots.
Wanted to get the back also but my camera has a hard time focussing on writing!
I don't really know what this is meant to show you, haha, but I was trying to illustrate the runniness!

Monday, 24 September 2012

JolieBox September 2012

Ok, so this box is better than the August one but I'm still not convinced it's worth the money! I probably should end my subscription but then I'll be kicking myself if the next one contains something really good! Really I was hoping the samples would be more luxurious I suppose, rather than things I could pick up fairly easily. However I do quite like this one, though not the box- I really don't like the colour combo, but hey it's not that important!
I was very pleased to find a Balmi lip balm as I've been thinking of getting one recently. I got sent the strawberry flavour (though I would have preferred raspberry) and it's nice enough. The scent is strong and very sweet, you can smell it whilst it's still in the box! I've tried it out a few times and it's lovely and smooth and feels very moisturising. Perfect I'm sure for the imminent winter winds! It also comes with an attachment so you can add it to your keys or whatever- very handy! I was also pretty pleased with the Redken straightening lotion (30ml sample). I tried this last night but as I don't really have the patience to dry my hair properly I doubt I was seeing it performing to its full effect. My hair was fairly smooth though, well for me anyway, and it smelt really nice. I initially thought the two Twistband hair ties were a bit of a filler item but I'm always needing bobbles so I think they will come in useful actually! Just hoping my hair isn't too thick for them and that they have enough give- hate weakling bands that snap on me! I've been enjoying using face masks of late so I was pleased to see a coconut I Love... mask in there. It's a peel off one and I'm looking forward to trying it as I haven't used one of those in ages! I also didn't know until I looked at the Balmi packaging that they're from I Love cosmetics also and Balmi is their sister brand. Well you learn something new every day, haha. I'm sure I'll like the mask but it's a bit mundane isn't it?  There were also two weeny samples of Dr Bragi Bio Marine exfoliant. I can't really get too excited over these as they are so small but I'll give them a go and it's nice to try something that I couldn't afford ordinarily. Even if I'll only get to scrub one cheek with it...
Overall I'm happy but I'm not too convinced it's value for money.

Sunday, 23 September 2012

L'Oreal Color Riche Parisian Rooftops

I really love this shade as it's in between a dark grey and a purple and perfect for A/W. I always feel like it's a sophisticated colour to wear- as opposed to some of my other brighter choices! This was easy to apply, mostly due to the wide, nail shaped, brush. I did find it to get a bit draggy and stringy though when I hadn't put enough polish on the brush for the second coat. This could possibly be because it is a gel based formula. I'm not too sure! It dried to a lovely shine also.L'Oreal say these are meant to be long lasting but I do find I get some tip wear rather fast. I also think these are a tad expensive at £4.99 for a 5ml bottle, however there is a huge colour range and they are good quality overall.

without flash
with flash

Saturday, 22 September 2012

Soap & Glory The Breakfast Scrub A.K.A The Best Thing I Have Ever Smelt!

I'm feeling a bit sad as this tub of complete maple yumminess is nearly all gone :,( sob. I love this product so much, not only does it smell gorgeous, but it's a really effective scrub. One of the best I have tried as the texture is really gritty (in a good way!) which I love. It definitely gets the job done and doesn't mess around! I got this in the January sales and was quite the bargain as I got it in a tin along with Hand Food and an apron, which, come to think of it, I have no idea where I've put! Not that I ever actually remember to wear an apron whilst baking.. I haven't been using it since January but it has lasted me a while. It would have lasted longer but I think my sister may have been pinching some also. It contains oat, shea butter and sugar as well as bananas, almond and honey extracts. I'm tempted to eat it with a spoon but that would be wasteful and would probably make me rather ill! I really want to go out and buy another one but I have another huge tub of a Naked scrub to get through first. I also think that at £9.50 it is expensive but I don't think I can resist. Thinking ahead of myself but I'm hoping it'll be in the sales after Christmas again!


Witch Oil Control Foaming Face Wash

I picked this up whilst it was on offer in Superdrug not so long ago. I like foaming face washes, especially in the morning to use in the shower, and as much as I do like cleansing creams/balms I do think these feel more refreshing sometimes. As it's a Witch product it contains witch hazel extract, which is great for troubled skin! The bottle says the oil eliminating formula combats shine and works from first use. I can't say I noticed any changes after the first use but I do think it is helping reduce the oiliness. One pump dispenses enough foam to clean the entire face and thankfully I haven't found it to be stripping. As with all foaming cleansers I've tried it does leave my skin feeling ever so slightly tighter than before so I do moisturise afterwards. Very rarely do I not moisturise anyway as around my nose can get quite dry. It's a fairly basic product that does what it says on the tin, as it were. I'm also keen to try the pressed powder and the primer from the range too.

Friday, 21 September 2012

Soap & Glory The Fab Pore Facial Peel

I got this last week after reading loads of reviews on it, and seeing as my skin is playing up a bit of late I thought this could help de-clog my pores and make my skin clearer. Although it says it's a peel its just a mask really with some scrubby green beads in it. It also contains a mushroom extract to help tighten pores, salicylic acid that loosens up dead cells, kaolin for absorbing oil and vitamins E and C for an antioxidant boost. The instructions say to rub 'a grape sized dollop' into your face and massage in until the green beads have dissolved. You can then leave it on for 5 mins or 15 mins for a more intensive treatment before rinsing off. This can be repeated 2-3 times weekly. The first time I used this it did sting a little after I'd applied it but the next time I tried it I didn't experience any stinging. It feels really refreshing and sort of tingly! I leave it on for the full 15 minutes as I feel my skin needs all the help it can get! I'm not really sure what the beads do apart from being mildy exfoliating but I do enjoy working it into the areas where my pores are largest such as my cheeks and the bit in between my eyebrows, as well as my chin where I get the most stubborn spots. I do think it's a bit expensive at £8 (though it is buy one get 2nd half price on selected facial skincare items in Boots atm) but it does seem to have worked at reducing my blemishes. They haven't disappeared entirely but it has helped dry some up and my skin is looking brighter. I've not had it long so hopefully I'll see better results with more use.

Marshmallow Blends!

I recently made an order with Marshmallow Blends, a site where you can get lovely handmade bath and body products in amazing scents-everything I've tried so far has smelt delicious and totally good enough to eat! It's been set up by Nicoletta of Nicoletta's Beauty Space, a great blog that I starting reading a while back. It's been lovely  to see her initial ideas of creating beauty products come to life! Goes to show you can do anything if you put your mind, and a lot of effort, into it!
Anyways, this time around I bought some Black Raspberry and Vanilla soap and a White Chocolate and Honey Lip Butter, which comes in a cute heart shaped tin. I also got sent a couple of little samples of some new products that are coming out- a gingerbread body scrub and some pumpkin cream soap. This is such a nice, personal touch and I can't wait to try them out, they smell so so good! Previously I have bought the Neapolitan soap and I am just completely  in love with the scent. I can't take a picture really because it's not looking it's best (I've had it a fair while) but it was gorgeous when I first got it - I almost didn't want to use because it so pretty looking. The smell is so nostalgic to me, but I can't put my finger on what it is exactly! I'd definitely recommend this one for sure!  I've also got the Parma Violet Body Butter which smells just like the sweets and it's great on my legs when they get a bit scaly and dry. It's super moisturising and a little goes a long way so it's good value for money.

Black Raspberry & Vanilla Soap- made with lots of olive oil for softness
So pretty!
Gingerbread Scrub (made from brown sugar) and White Chocolate and Honey Lip Butter
Pumpkin Cream soap- very Autumnal!

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Essie Muchi Muchi

I got this from my local market for £1.99. Bargainous! I'm sort of wishing I got 'A Crewed Interest' too as I spied that in the basket also. I was relatively happy with this even though it took 3 coats and it's still a tad patchy. But that tends to be the way with pale pinks.The brush made application easy as it's the wider one- I believe the polishes in the diffusion line have these whilst the brushes in the regualr line are much more narrow. Both are fine but this one was quicker to apply which is always a bonus! I like the simplicity of the shade but I'm a bit peed off this morning as I've woken with some sheet marks. I hate this! You think they're dry and then end up with lines everywhere. Grrr. Think I'll put a topcoat over them to see if that helps!

Burt's Bees Beeswax & Banana Hand Creme

I actually forgot I ordered this until it arrived yesterday! I got this from CheapSmells for £7.82 which is good as it's normally nearer a tenner. I've seen this creme on a few blogs and it's all been very positive so I thought I would try it too. Firstly I love the packaging! Being the child I am it tickled me somewhat and it feels nicely sturdy as it's a glass jar. I tried this last night when I was in bed and it was definitely thicker than I was expecting. It is a beeswax creme after all but I just didn't think! As a result it is fairly hard to rub in but gets easier once it starts to warm up. You'll either love or hate the smell I reckon. It smells like banana sweets mostly but there is an undercurrent of something else too- possibly the beeswax? I dunno! I like it for now but it might start to get sickly with constant use! Once it's rubbed in it does feel quite greasy. For this reason I'd say it's better suited as a night cream-you don't really want to be touching anything for a good while afterwards! This creme would be excellent used with those cotton gloves for a really intensive treat. I'll try it out this way tonight. It has some great nourishing ingredients in it and the jar says it's 100% natural. The top three ingredients are sweet almond oil, water and beeswax. Fragrance is also quite high up though if you're sensitive to that.
I'll be keeping this alongside my other 'bedside beauty' items. It's sure to help with any chapped-ness that may come my way as it's getting colder. What are your views on this if you've tried it? I read the reviews on makeupalley this morning and it's pretty much hated!

Very gloomy for pics this morning but as I hope this serves to illustrate it's very thick!

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

New Things

It's dangerous working on a supply basis, I get too tempted to go into town and buy stuff when I'm not called in!
Here's what I got today on my little trip. In my defence though I did get paid recently!

Sorry the first photo is a bit blurry, I didn't realise until I uploaded them on the comp. Anyway I got some really exciting shower puffs at Poundland along with a Sally Hansen polish in Grape Escape. Also, anyone see the Dispatches programme about the store last night? Was very interesting!
At Pound World I got a MNY polish in a midnight blue shade. I can actually justify this one as my only dark blue smashed not so long ago! I also got a Bliss bar, which I have found to be a bit disappointing, where's the hazelnuttynes?? I may or may not have got another egg too...
At the 99p store I was excited to find Sour Patch Kids as I bought them recently from Cybercandy in Brum but alas they are just the old sour wine gums in kiddy form. Not that I'm complaining really as I do like them a lot- I like all things sour, sweet wise! I love coconut water so I picked up 2 cans for 99p. I'll give one to my sis and she's got a cold and is feeling all sorry for herself. Aren't I nice!
As I'm still on the hunt for my perfect hand cream I couldn't resist getting the Garnier intensive 7 days nourishing hand cream. This one contains Mango oil and something called L-Bifidus. Yeahhh... Anyways skin is meant to be still hydrated even after washing. I tried this out whilst I was still in town and it absorbed fairly quickly and smells pleasant, though not like mango like I was expecting! I'll use it for 7 days then and report back, though my mitts aren't in too bad a shape at the moment for once! Oh, this cost £1.49 from Savers which I thought was pretty reasonable.

I also got quite a bit at H&M, I was fairly restrained as there was loads of stuff I wanted all in lovely autumnal colours. Here's what I chose in the end. I think you'll agree they've been artfully arranged.

£7.99 each - These are quite fine so I might have to wear a vest top underneath but they're nicely casual and comfy looking. Love the colours also.
£3.99 each - Just some basic vests mainly for work
£24.99- I love the pattern on this and it just looks so cosy and snuggly. Very much my kind of cardy! 

I really really want to go back to H&M for moar! I might do actually, my wardrobe is looking a little sparse after I had a clear out...Well that's what I'm telling myself anyways!

Monday, 17 September 2012

Autumn Nails

I love the combination of these two polishes together! It's like autumn leaves that have been set on fire, well in my mind anyway! Here I've used one coat of nailgirls polish in Bronze (I got this in a Joliebox and I'm glad I've found a way to use it as I'm not normally too fond of bronze shades) and two coats of Sinful Colors Serena and Chloe. This gave it sparkle and a more pumpkiny tone!

A couple of disappointing products :/

Just thought I'd do a little post on two particular products which I haven't been very impressed with of late. First up is the John Freida Colour Renew Tone Correcting shampoo. I bought this after getting my highlights redone in late June/July to help stave off any brassiness. I get them in a more golden tone than a lighter ash so it can start to look a tad on the yellowy side now and then. I got this shampoo because well there's not many toning ones on the market (I only really looked in Boots though!) and it was between this and Bristows silver shampoo, maybe I should have chosen the latter because I'm not very keen on the John Freida one! Plus it was considerably cheaper. My main issue is that it is sooo drying. I have to use heaps of conditioner after using this and I'm not even sure if it does neutralise brassiness.I use it once a week and it never looks any different!
The second let down is Etat Pur Salicylic Acid. I got this in a Jolie Box and I've been using it fairly frequently but again it doesn't seem to be doing anything! I would have thought that this would be more concentrated that other spot treatments but it has practically no effect. I'm having a horrible outbreak around my chin right now and nothing is shifting them so I might go back to the Clearasil night serum stuff I was using to see if that will help. Anyone tried any of these products? What are your thoughts?

Tresemme Keratin Smooth hair mask

I keep thinking I've already done a post on this! I haven't have I?! I do actually think I'm going a bit senile of late. Just the other week I reversed over my sisters rucksack when just a second before I saw it on the floor ready to go in the boot. Oh dear. Suffice to say she wasn't impressed! Thankfully her laptop or phone wasn't in there or I don't think I'd be here to write this!
I got this mask (or masque as the tub actually says) a while ago as my hair tends to feel a little dry and knotty after washing it. I also want to keep it in better condition that I have done in the past especially as it's dyed. I'm actually thinking of going a bit browner but I'm not sure. The underneath sections are already fairly dark but I dyed it brown in uni for a bit and felt it looked a bit flat. I did just do it myself though with a box dye so maybe if I had it done properly I could still have a few lighter bits. Anyways enough of my musings! I use this pretty much every time I wash my hair, about 2/3 times a week. I use it in place of a normal conditioner at the minute but I'll often use a mask with every wash-my hair needs all the help it can get! It claims to make hair smoother, straighter and easier to style. All of which I agree with. As I'm rinsing it out I can already feel the difference. It also says it is gentle enough for colour treated hair and for use after a salon keratin treatment. It has quite a runny texture but it's sort of sticky, for want of a better word, at the same time! It's definitely not a 'mimsy' mask. It says to apply it from the mid lengths downs and to work anything that's left through the roots. I normally just whack it all over but I think I'll be going more lightly over my roots as I do think that although it leaves my hair silkier and less pouffy it does make it go greasy quicker. I also feel this mask could be too heavy for those with fine hair but I suppose it depends on how much you use. As for the scent it is quite strong and not one I'm very keen on but I can live with it. It's a 300ml tub and it's £5.50 from Boots at the moment but I'm sure I've seen it on offer elsewhere. I would really recommend it though if your hair is feeling a bit parched or unloved!

Friday, 14 September 2012

Buried Treasure!

I went to town again today for a short while and whilst at Superdrug I noticed they had a load of GOSH stuff on clearance. So I had a good rummage and lo and behold I found the holographic polish that I've heard a lot of people going on about. Well read really, the people being bloggers! I think it's a love/hate relationship? Least with this first version. Apparently it looks great but chips really quickly. I don't care though coz I've already put it on and I'm amazed by it-it's so eye catching and really does give a holographic effect especially in the sunlight. The best thing is it only cost 99p! It's a full bottle too, albeit with a little chip on the bottom. Suffice to say I snaffled it up quickly! This is the discontinued version, GOSH have brought it back recently with a one night only claim and I think it costs £4.99. It took 3 coats, 4 on some nails, but it's definitely worth it for the effect and it dried quickly.

549 Holographic

Bargain Hunting!

Yesterday I had a day off so I went to town with my sis to have a scout around the pound shops and other cheapy shops our town seems to have in abundance! I was actually quite disappointed this time as there wasn't really much good stuff around. Always the way though isn't it? Sometimes they have loads of stuff you want, other times there's nothing!
I have to say I've let myself down again and bought more nail polish. Shame on me. I got 4 new ones yesterday and another one the day before. I'm quite pleased with them though, especially with my Essie polish in Muchi Muchi with I found on my local market beauty stall for £1.99. I wanted to get this one from Fragrance Direct but it had been snapped up by the time I looked at it again. I think it'll be a good shade to wear to work when I'm in schools. Hoping it's not streaky though, as I find that happens a lot with pale pinks. In Pound World I got a two pack of NYC polishes in Big City Dazzle, a sparkly blue, pink and gold top coat and Lincoln Center, a dark red/brown. I only really got this pack for the glitter one though-looks so pretty! I also picked up a Sinful Colors one in Serena and Chloe as I thought it would be perfect for Autumn and Halloween. I'm thinking it's going to be sheer as it's a jelly base so I'm going to try layering it over an orange and maybe a bronze shade.

I also got this Barry M Chameleon colour change polish in Chameleon Blue on Wednesday just to see what they were all about. I was pretty impressed although my creativity only stretched to some wonky stripes! It also chipped quickly but I don't really mind as it's not a polish I'd have on my nails for any length of time anyway!
£3.99 at Boots
At Boots I also picked up a Natural Collection body spray in Apply & Lime. It was a bit of an impulse buy really- I saw it on someones haul on YouTube so thought I would try it out. I haven't bought anything from this part of the range in ages- I used to love it when I was younger, ah takes me back! Anyways it smells light and fruity and the mist is refreshing. Would have been a good choice in the summer kept in the fridge. Maybe next year!
£2 from Boots-lots of other scents available too
At Home Bargains I got a foot pack and a face mask. The foot pack consists of 'booties' you put on for 20 mins. It says 'Intensive foot rejuvenation booties are rich emollient moisture treatments that help soothe and soften rough, dry and chapped feet.' Now I don't have high hopes, I'm thinking they're more of a novelty item, but in any case testing these out should be interesting! I tried out the grape self heating mask last night and wasn't  bowled over. It had a nice smell, like American grape sweets, but it didn't get hot at all really and it was fairly sticky. It didn't break me out further but it didn't do anything amazing either. Probably won't repurchase as I really didn't like the texture.
I think these cost about a pound
Think this cost less than 50p, you really do get what you pay for sometimes!
I also popped to Aldi to get some more face wipes. I've tried these before and really liked them and for under a pound ( I can't remember exactly, I want to say 80 odd p?) the quality is really good. I thought I would also mention their cotton wool pads as they are also of a high quality and a bargain at 99p for a two pack. I hate ones that disintegrate and leave fibres everywhere but these are pretty strong and are non-fleecing. Boring but an essential!

 To help me get in the Autumnal mood I got a apple cinnamon candle from the 99p store, which reminds me of apple pie and actually scents the room unlike some cheap candles, and from Pound World some more cute Hello Kitty tat (not to get me in any mood, I'm just a big kid!!).  I'm not even that into Hello Kitty, honestly! Just I'm a sucker for a surprise, haha.
Was hoping for the one with the squirrel or the mouse but can't have everything eh?
So I hope this post hasn't left you in a comatosed state! Do love a bit of bargain hunting though, even if I don't necessarily need the stuff! Seen any bargains yourself lately?


Saturday, 8 September 2012

Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream

This is definitely my favourite BB cream that I have tried so far! I sent off for some free samples of it and fell in love so I got my sis to buy me the full size for my birthday. True story there.
I took this away with me on my little impromptu holiday (I didn't go abroad but I did go to the seaside and get to have a nice paddle and an amazing doughnut with ice cream. I may dream about that beaut for a long time!) and it was the perfect choice as it was fairly warm so I didn't want anything heavy, but my skin isn't looking that great at the moment so I needed some light coverage. This BB cream boasts 8 benefits-
  • Creates a natural glow
  • Compliments skin tone
  • SPF 30 UV protection
  • Hydrates all day
  • Blurs imperfections
  • Oil free, non greasy
  • Looks visibly smooth
  • Feels fresh
All of this spiel I do actually agree with! I have found it to be very light in texture thanks to the gel based formula. I think my oily skin appreciates this as others I have tried have left me looking a little too 'dewy', more 'sweaty get' actually. I've got this in the shade Light and it's a great match and blends in lovely-I can be quite sloppy application wise with this and doesn't require too much buffing in. In comparison I find I have to really blend the Garnier one out in order for it to not look too dark. I have been using this over a mattifying moisturiser and my skin hasn't felt overloaded at all. I have used it without but I find my skin feels a tad tight after cleansing so I do use a bit of moisturiser most times. I do think it's a little pricey at £7.99 for only 30ml but that seems fairly standard with BB creams. It doesn't put me off repurchasing though, which I think I might do at the rate I'm using it.

The Beauty & Brains Tag

I saw this tag on Midnight Violets (fab blog, really need to check it out if you haven't already)  and thought it would be good to do myself :)

Favourite Book
This is a tricky question as I do love reading but I tend not to read a book more than once. These are both children's books but I've read these numerous times- The Ghost Drum by Susan Price and Ballet Slippers by Noel Streatfeild. I so wanted to do ballet after reading this, I would spend ages, looking like a loon I suppose, trying to get on my points!

Favourite Quotes
'We don't make mistakes, just happy little accidents' -Bob Ross
'I feel like crap on toast' - Michel Gerard (Gilmore Girls)
English or Maths
Definitely english, I hate maths and had to resit it at GSCE but was A's all the way with english.
Science or Art
Probably art though I wasn't very good at either! Art was more enjoyable at least, and I despised physics! Just went over my head completely. All I seem to remember is the teacher jangling a slinky.
Name five music artists or albums that changed your life
It sounds awful but I'm not really that interested in music. I never know whats in the charts and I'm always asking the children I work with what they're playing! I do like a bit of cheese though and I also like Rachael Yamagata, Feist, Jack Johnson..hmm I like all sorts when I think of it just nothing definite springs to mind!
Favourite and least favourite subjects at school
My favourite subjects were english, cookery, child development and german. Least Favourites were P.E, drama, maths and welsh when we had the horrible teacher- I actually liked it when we had a nice one! I particularly hated being made to play netball though- I'm really not sporty at all! Also as I'm shy drama was always so cringe worthy :S
Favourite 'Celebrity With A Brain'
Has to be Stephen Fry. And I like Ray Mears too for his bushcraft knowledge haha.
If you could study anything, anywhere, what would it be?
I think I'm pretty much done with studying after starting a primary education degree, quitting in the second year, having a sort of gap year then doing 2 more years of Childhood Studies! Although not really studying I would love to have a proper job based around working with the gypsy children in Romania. I've been on two volunteering trips working with them and I have absolutely loved it.
What's your nerdy little secret?
Hmm not that excting but probably that I won the Child Development award at my high school ROA night. woo.
Favourite Beauty Guru (s), who you admire for more than their love of beauty/fashion
This is a hard question as I enjoy reading loads of blogs and many bloggers seem genuine, down to earth and generally lovely! I can't decide!
If your channel/blog didn't focus on Beauty/Fashion, what would it be?
Well my blog was initially going to be food blog, in particular reviewing snacks and other junk! Hence the name really, but it never turned out that way! I do want to include more foody posts as I love cooking.
Name some things that you are obsessed with that other people would find strange or geeky
I'm pretty obsessed with watching food and cookery shows. I'm nearly always watching Food Network or Good Food channel. Faves are Barefoot Contessa, Man V Food, Diners, Drive in's and Dives, Nigel Slater, Ace of Cakes, Heston Blumenthal, Masterchef, Hairy Bikers- I really could go on!
Name five people (excluding friends and family) who inspire you
I'm not really inspired by other people to be honest. I just do what feels right to me!
Who's your intellectual soulmate?
I have no idea. I'd like to think I'm one of a kind!
Well there you go! I hope it was vaguely interesting and I tag whoever feels like doing it also :)

Saturday, 1 September 2012

Bedtime Beauty

This is just the small selection of products I keep on my bed frame ( I don't have a bedside table unfortunately) and slick on before I go to sleep.

Lush Whip Stick lip balm- I love this, possibly for the smell alone!  As a choc orange fiend this is the balm for me- it smells delicious. It's also really effective as it's full of moisturising ingredients such as almond oil, beeswax, glycerine, olive oil, shea butter- lots of good stuff!  A little goes a long way too, I've had this for ages and there's not much of a dent in it.

The Body Shop Almond Oil Daily Hand and Nail Cream- I'm trying to use this up at the moment and it's ok, nothing special. I used to like the smell more than I do now. When I smell it now I seem to get notes of furniture polish- oddly enough! Whilst it is light and does sink in quickly I reckon there are better creams out there.

Gwdihw Nail Wizard Balm- How cute is the owl on the tin?! It's also a really good nail and cuticle balm. Well I say balm, it's more like an oil really once it's melted on your finger. I love the ingredient list, it's simply coconut and olive oil, beeswax, cocoa butter, calendula and lemon essential oil. Thanks to the lemon oil it smells so refreshing and I open it sometimes just to have a sniff! It's also handmade in Anglesey so quite a local product for me :)
I was bought this from where they sell all sorts of other balms from this brand.