Friday, 14 September 2012

Bargain Hunting!

Yesterday I had a day off so I went to town with my sis to have a scout around the pound shops and other cheapy shops our town seems to have in abundance! I was actually quite disappointed this time as there wasn't really much good stuff around. Always the way though isn't it? Sometimes they have loads of stuff you want, other times there's nothing!
I have to say I've let myself down again and bought more nail polish. Shame on me. I got 4 new ones yesterday and another one the day before. I'm quite pleased with them though, especially with my Essie polish in Muchi Muchi with I found on my local market beauty stall for £1.99. I wanted to get this one from Fragrance Direct but it had been snapped up by the time I looked at it again. I think it'll be a good shade to wear to work when I'm in schools. Hoping it's not streaky though, as I find that happens a lot with pale pinks. In Pound World I got a two pack of NYC polishes in Big City Dazzle, a sparkly blue, pink and gold top coat and Lincoln Center, a dark red/brown. I only really got this pack for the glitter one though-looks so pretty! I also picked up a Sinful Colors one in Serena and Chloe as I thought it would be perfect for Autumn and Halloween. I'm thinking it's going to be sheer as it's a jelly base so I'm going to try layering it over an orange and maybe a bronze shade.

I also got this Barry M Chameleon colour change polish in Chameleon Blue on Wednesday just to see what they were all about. I was pretty impressed although my creativity only stretched to some wonky stripes! It also chipped quickly but I don't really mind as it's not a polish I'd have on my nails for any length of time anyway!
£3.99 at Boots
At Boots I also picked up a Natural Collection body spray in Apply & Lime. It was a bit of an impulse buy really- I saw it on someones haul on YouTube so thought I would try it out. I haven't bought anything from this part of the range in ages- I used to love it when I was younger, ah takes me back! Anyways it smells light and fruity and the mist is refreshing. Would have been a good choice in the summer kept in the fridge. Maybe next year!
£2 from Boots-lots of other scents available too
At Home Bargains I got a foot pack and a face mask. The foot pack consists of 'booties' you put on for 20 mins. It says 'Intensive foot rejuvenation booties are rich emollient moisture treatments that help soothe and soften rough, dry and chapped feet.' Now I don't have high hopes, I'm thinking they're more of a novelty item, but in any case testing these out should be interesting! I tried out the grape self heating mask last night and wasn't  bowled over. It had a nice smell, like American grape sweets, but it didn't get hot at all really and it was fairly sticky. It didn't break me out further but it didn't do anything amazing either. Probably won't repurchase as I really didn't like the texture.
I think these cost about a pound
Think this cost less than 50p, you really do get what you pay for sometimes!
I also popped to Aldi to get some more face wipes. I've tried these before and really liked them and for under a pound ( I can't remember exactly, I want to say 80 odd p?) the quality is really good. I thought I would also mention their cotton wool pads as they are also of a high quality and a bargain at 99p for a two pack. I hate ones that disintegrate and leave fibres everywhere but these are pretty strong and are non-fleecing. Boring but an essential!

 To help me get in the Autumnal mood I got a apple cinnamon candle from the 99p store, which reminds me of apple pie and actually scents the room unlike some cheap candles, and from Pound World some more cute Hello Kitty tat (not to get me in any mood, I'm just a big kid!!).  I'm not even that into Hello Kitty, honestly! Just I'm a sucker for a surprise, haha.
Was hoping for the one with the squirrel or the mouse but can't have everything eh?
So I hope this post hasn't left you in a comatosed state! Do love a bit of bargain hunting though, even if I don't necessarily need the stuff! Seen any bargains yourself lately?



  1. Those NYC nail polishes look lovely :) xx

    1. They're really good quality too, I've got a few now

  2. I love the essie colour. I haven't bought any essie polishes yet because they tend to be so expensive!

    1. I don't think I'd buy them full price, far too dear