Tuesday, 18 September 2012

New Things

It's dangerous working on a supply basis, I get too tempted to go into town and buy stuff when I'm not called in!
Here's what I got today on my little trip. In my defence though I did get paid recently!

Sorry the first photo is a bit blurry, I didn't realise until I uploaded them on the comp. Anyway I got some really exciting shower puffs at Poundland along with a Sally Hansen polish in Grape Escape. Also, anyone see the Dispatches programme about the store last night? Was very interesting!
At Pound World I got a MNY polish in a midnight blue shade. I can actually justify this one as my only dark blue smashed not so long ago! I also got a Bliss bar, which I have found to be a bit disappointing, where's the hazelnuttynes?? I may or may not have got another egg too...
At the 99p store I was excited to find Sour Patch Kids as I bought them recently from Cybercandy in Brum but alas they are just the old sour wine gums in kiddy form. Not that I'm complaining really as I do like them a lot- I like all things sour, sweet wise! I love coconut water so I picked up 2 cans for 99p. I'll give one to my sis and she's got a cold and is feeling all sorry for herself. Aren't I nice!
As I'm still on the hunt for my perfect hand cream I couldn't resist getting the Garnier intensive 7 days nourishing hand cream. This one contains Mango oil and something called L-Bifidus. Yeahhh... Anyways skin is meant to be still hydrated even after washing. I tried this out whilst I was still in town and it absorbed fairly quickly and smells pleasant, though not like mango like I was expecting! I'll use it for 7 days then and report back, though my mitts aren't in too bad a shape at the moment for once! Oh, this cost £1.49 from Savers which I thought was pretty reasonable.

I also got quite a bit at H&M, I was fairly restrained as there was loads of stuff I wanted all in lovely autumnal colours. Here's what I chose in the end. I think you'll agree they've been artfully arranged.

£7.99 each - These are quite fine so I might have to wear a vest top underneath but they're nicely casual and comfy looking. Love the colours also.
£3.99 each - Just some basic vests mainly for work
£24.99- I love the pattern on this and it just looks so cosy and snuggly. Very much my kind of cardy! 

I really really want to go back to H&M for moar! I might do actually, my wardrobe is looking a little sparse after I had a clear out...Well that's what I'm telling myself anyways!

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  1. I miss English chocolate and sweets so much! :) That nail polish looks like a lovely colour, I love blue nails.