Sunday, 30 September 2012

Chocolate Orange Cupcakes!

So these are my chocolate orange cupcakes I made last night. They look exactly the same as the chocolate cupcakes I featured on here earlier in the year but trust me there is a difference! Granted they don't look very attractive and they could have risen a bit more but they are rather yum! Click here for the recipe I used. I didn't quite follow the instructions though..I just bunged everything together and gave it a good stir! I also added orange zest (jeez them buggers were hard to grate) and some orange extract- Valencian orange no less. I thought about decorating them with a chocolate orange segment but I realised I'm not made of money! I polished off about 4 of these this morning. Breakfast of champions!

Artfully done as always...
Leftover frosting-Midnight snack mebbe??

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