Sunday, 28 April 2013

Derma V10 Dry Skin Cream

My hands are looking vile. They are so dry at the moment, especially around the knuckles and in between my fingers, so much so that my skin is cracking and bleeding. Ouch. My hands often get like this though especially when I'm working in schools. I try and keep the kiddie germs away so I'm constantly using cheapo hand wash and drying hand gels but they leave my mitts looking a state. I've got a few hand creams on the go at the moment such as Soap & Glory's Hand Food and a Garnier one, but they are all highly scented and when they are cracking like this they just make the problem worse and it stings so badly. This is where I need a rich unscented cream to come and help save the day!
I used to use an emollient cream from Boots that contained lanolin and almond oil but when it ran out I thought I'd try something different so I picked this on up from Pound World. The Boots one is only 79p more and I do actually favour it, but this one has turned out to be a perfectly fine alternative. It takes a bit longer to sink in but as I usually apply it at night before bed that doesn't really matter. What's most important is that it helps soothe and heal my hands without irritating them further. If you're in need of a  gentle E45 esque cream then this is great cheap option.

What do you use when your hands are as dry as the desert and hating everything?


  1. Ow ow ow! When I used to clean planes I used to get cracked, bleeding knuckles and the only thing that worked for me was Neutrogena hand cream. I hope your mitts feel better soon! x x

    1. That's a good one, I'd forgotten about that! They're feeling much better thanks, I used this then wore the special cotton gloves overnight-much better!

  2. I've tried a few things from the derma v10 range and they've all been pretty good. I'll have to give this one a try. My favourite hand cream has to be the l'Occitane Shea one. I always stock up when magazines give it away :)

    p.s i have nominated your blog for the Versatile Blogger award (^_^) If you wish to take part all the info is here:

  3. Thats a lovely hand cream, I really enjoyed the little glamour freebie one I had
    aw I'll check out the link, thanks! :)

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