Friday, 17 May 2013

Creightons Perfectly Clear Moisturiser and Spot Gel

I saw these last weekend in Poundland and just had to give them a try. My skin is often problematic and if these can help for just a pound then that'll be great! I've been using these for the past week now and so far so good. The Balancing Mattifying Moisturiser has a non oily formula and contains salicyclic acid to help combat spots. I find this light cream sinks in quickly and doesn't leave me shiny or feeling tacky. It also has a pleasant fresh scent. It's only been a week but I do think it has helped calm my skin. My blemishes may have gone away on their own but in any case it hasn't given me any more or made them worse!
The Calming Spot Gel also contains salicylic acid and 'antibacterial actives'. It smells very strong which I'm presuming is from the peppermint and eucalyptus oil I spied in the ingredients list. It claims to be gentle but I do find that it packs quite a punch! It worked at reducing spots but also caused some dryness around them so be careful when applying it. It's quite a thick gel and it does take a while to dry. I don't mind the slight tackinesss though as I apply this at night but is something to consider if you were using it before makeup.
Overall I have been impressed with this duo and hope it continues to work well!

Have you tried anything from this range yet? What do you think?


  1. I've used the gel and it's great, worked really quickly too :)

  2. My Son has tried lots of others and the Gel worked really well for him. :-)