Friday, 24 May 2013

Cleanser Empties

The title is a bit misleading as these aren't quite empty just yet- they probably have about 2 uses left in them but knowing me when they are finished properly I will just shove them in the bin and forget to review them! I got these mini's in sample boxes, can't remember which ones though, and have been using them whilst I'm staying at my boyfriends place. The Vichy Normaderm Tri-Activ Cleanser is also a scrub and a mask. I have only used it as a mask once but it worked well and didn't make my skin feel overly tight. I love the scrubbiness of this cleanser as I feel that I'm really getting all the grime out of my pores! It is soap, paraben and alcohol free and contains salicylic acid as well as kaolin and corn starch so it's ideal for oily blemished skin. The Normaderm range is targeted towards 'imperfection prone skin' and there are lots of products in the range. I think I'll be checking out the micellar water they do next. I might repurchase this at some point, it costs a bit more than what I'd usually pay for a cleanser, but at £11 it's not too bad especially considering it's a 3 in 1 product.
I like foaming cleansers ever though they can be a little drying and whilst the Shiseido Cleansing Foam claims to be extra gentle I did find that it felt a bit 'soapy' in that there was some tightness afterwards as if I had just used bar soap- it feels squeaky clean almost. It did have a rather luxurious texture though which I have enjoyed using but it does have a strong soapy scent and found it to sting really badly if I got it in my eyes! A little goes a long way so it's lasted me ages considering it's only a 30ml tube. I won't be repurchasing this though as the full size 125ml tube costs £29 which is just ridiculous seeing as I can pick up a basic one that does the same thing for under a fiver.

Have you tried any of these? What did you think?


  1. I thought about getting a Vichy cleanser before, I don't think £11 is too much to spend right? I like foaming cleansers, they make me feel cleaner but they can be a little drying. xo

    1. for a multi-purpose product I reckon it's a reasonable price, know what you mean about them being drying though- always have to moisturise afterwards

  2. I have never tried them but hopefully I'll find them even here in Milan :)