Saturday, 11 April 2015

Revlon Colourstay Gel Envy Polish & Diamond Topcoat - A Disappointment!

It's not often I write 'Disappointing Products' posts but I just had to mention this one. I was really excited to see these two in the Latest in Beauty box as I've wanted to try one of these polishes for a while. I loved the colour so it's a shame it didn't work out.  At first I was really impressed though. Application was great and the finish was so shiny. However, just a day later it started to peel off in whole chunks. I've got a feeling the topcoat is to blame here as I've experienced this problem in the past with others, especially ones that offer a high shine. This wasn't my biggest gripe though. When it came to taking it off I discovered that it had stained my nails really badly. I would have expected this normally but it claims that you don't need a basecoat. Lies! At least with this bright shade.
So yes, I'm disappointed that it didn't live up to my expectations but I'm going to try it with a base coat and a different top coat as I do really like the colour.

Pancakes & Promenades

I'm so sad that my Easter break is nearly over, but I can't let myself get too down as I have had some lovely trips out.
On Tuesday I went back up to Chester to see my dad, as Stu was working and I didn't want to be stuck inside by myself all day. We strolled along the racecourse, then walked up to the Greyhound retail park, and then back through Chester again via the canal. I was pretty hungry by then so I suggested we go to Hanky Panky Pancakes. I was worried that it was going to be really busy but thankfully there was quite a few tables left. I had a hard time choosing what to have but I eventually settled on a 2 pancake stack with wild cherry ice cream, chocolate chips and chocolate sauce. My dad chose a 'Ginger Tom' crepe which looked really good. I've only ever been once before, but like last time it was amazing and I left feeling very full. In the best way though! We then had a look at a few shops before stopping to have a rest by the river. It was a lovely sunny day so it was packed, but we still managed to nab a bench and I enjoyed listening to a group of girls playing their ukuleles. Least I think that's what they were. Sounded good in any case! After a little break we went over the bridge and set off back to my car. I was sad to see all the locks had been taken off- it must have taken some doing too!  

On Thursday I took my dad and sister to Ellesmere for a walk by the lake. Again it was a fantastic day and the water was flat calm, reflecting the bright blue sky. Once we got further around the lake and away from the road noise, it was lovely and quiet and you could really hear all the different types of birds. We also saw some calves which were very cute! After our amble we returned to Oswestry and had a chippy lunch before having a mooch around town. I really need to start eating more healthily next week- feels like I've been eating non stop this break! It was good to see my sister though as I don't often get to. 

I've had a really good Easter week on reflection, and I'm going to plan some more outings to get me through the next term! 

Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Barry M Sunset Daylight Curing Nail Paint

When I saw these pop up on Twitter last night I was instantly intrigued, as I'm always interested in gel nail alternatives. Whilst UV cured gel nails do have their bonuses, I find that removal is too much of a hassle and it can be quite damaging. These however claim to give a salon like finish whilst curing naturally in day light. You simply apply two coats of your chosen shade then apply the special topcoat. It instructs that no other top coat will work so they have to used together.
I bought these today from Superdrug for £4.99 each and was pleased to see the 3 for 2 makeup offer on across all brands. I bought the shades 'Fuchsia Generation' and 'I've been Pinkin' as well as the topcoat. I've already applied the latter shade and so far I'm impressed. The brush is shaped perfectly in order to get a neat finish and the formula is smooth and pretty easy to work with. Drying time was good too. After I had applied it I went for a quick walk in the sunshine so hopefully it has helped to 'cure' it. We shall see how it holds up! For now though they are very glossy and I love the amazingly bright pink shade. Perfect for Spring and Summer.

There was a good selection of other shades available too, so if these are a success I could be tempted to try some more!

Sunday, 5 April 2015

Easter Sunday

I don't normally do anything special for Easter, usually it's just another day, but today has been particularly pleasant.

I started the day by sneakily organising an Easter egg hunt for Stu. I thought of doing it earlier in the week whilst he was ill, plus I couldn't resist the cute little tin buckets they were selling in Home Bargains! Considering I only hid them in our living room/kitchen and hallway I think I did well to hide 32 eggs and bunnies! He was pretty quick at finding them though (bar a few lower down. Being about 6ft 1 he easily got the ones on the top of the picture frames, well the ones I could reach!) so I may have to up my game next year!

After that excitment we then set off for the Chester Food, Drink and Lifestyle festival, picking up Stu's younger sister on the way. We went last year and were really impressed so I'm glad we got to go again, especially as we didn't know it was this weekend and nearly missed out. It was fairly busy when we got there but not overly so once we were looking at the outdoor stalls. There was so much to choose from but my first port of call was the Pizza Peddlers. You couldn't miss them in their van (a vintage Citreon 'H' van-called Rowlie'- I learnt this on Facebook!)/ The pizzas were wood fired and looked amazing, so I chose the wild mushroom one with mozarella and wild garlic finished with parmesan and a sprinkling of truffle oil. It was just gorgeous and done so quickly. £6 was a bargain I felt. They do weddings too so I may be looking into them. After all it is one of my favourite foods! I really wanted one of the hot dogs from the 'Piggy Smalls' stand (especially the 'Notorious P.I.G one- it had bacon jam!) but I was rather full after my pizza! I'll definitely be looking out for them in other festivals though.

After another wander we came across a macaron stall and I bought a rose and raspberry one. I've never had macarons before and there were so many flavours to choose from but I couldn't resist that combination. It was unusual but the flavours really worked. I wish I had bought a box of different ones now so I could of tried more! The macaron was pretty small, and of course I had room for more sweetness, so next I had a creme egg crepe from the 'I Love Crepes' stall. It was delicious but a little tricky to eat with a plastic spoon. I just shoved it in my gob with my fingers in the end! I'm not ashamed to say I could have had another. Or a banana and Nutella one.

It got a bit lopsided in my bag!
We did try and see Gregg Wallace in the chef demo stage area but it was absolutely rammed. I sort of expected this but at least I got to hear him! Do love Gregg has to be said.
Before we left I treated myself to a Pink Passion cocktail from The Fresh Lemonade Co. It contained vodka and passion fruit liquor (I can't remember what else- possibly their lemonade?) and was very very good! I wanted a pinl gin fizz too but at £6 a go I thought one would do! Again they also do weddings which I would love. Who doesn't love a cocktail?!
For just £6 a ticket I would highly recommend the food festival- definitely the best one I've visited so far.

We returned home and then went back out to my mums to have a roast dinner. We rarely do a roast for ourselves so it made a nice change and was very yum. Mum had also made cupcakes and brownies, which sadly put my muffins to shame. Least they looked the part!

All in all a lovely day made even better knowing there is no work tomorrow. Or for another week!

Friday, 3 April 2015

What I Have Bought Lately

Or rather, what I have been wasting my money on lately. That is often more likely the case!

So I think I should start with a rather fabulous bag that I bought from Nica- the Venice crossbody. I saw it on Twitter one day and I had to hunt it down! I was a bit disappointed when I saw that it was £45 on the website, but then I checked again a few days later and it was half price so I just had to get it. I don't normally impulse buy quite expensive things like this, but it really was love at first site! Look at that cat dammit! I had to get the blue one but they also do it in black, lemon, navy floral and black/white floral. They also do a Venice tote bag.
It's the perfect size for me and I can't wait to use it- though I sort of don't want to take it out and spoil it!

On Wednesday I went to Chester with my dad and managed to get quite a few bargains. In Boots I bought a Seventeen Stay Pout lipstick in the shade Rule Breaker and a nail polish in Toasted Almond. I've never seen these lippies before so I'm wondering if they were a free gift at one point. In any case it has a rather jazzy gem on the top and is a really pretty berry shade.

In Primark I couldn't resist these Sweep slippers. Just couldn't. I grabbed the last pair in my size so I was well chuffed! These were £4 and they also had Sooty available. I might be tempted.
I also bought some more glass nail files and some false nails to play around with. I always really like the designs they do but I must have oddly shapes thumb nails because I can never find sizes to fit them!

We had a little browse in a charity shop and I found a copy of The Miniaturist for a quid. I've been trying to read more lately so this will go onto the 'to read' pile. Pleased to get this for so cheap.

I collected my Xtras order the day too which is always very exciting. I got the W7 In The City natural nudes palette, a L'Oreal Color Riche eyeshadow in 201 Cafe Saint Germain and a Sally Hansen polish in Pinch Of Punch. 
The pigmentation of the palette is much better than I thought it would be, and bar the first two shades, are actually pretty decent for the price. I'd still use a primer with them though. The L'Oreal eyeshadow is a very wearable shimmery brown shade (for want of a better description). It's swatches more cool toned than it appears when actually applied. The texture is very soft as it is 'gel infused' but I do find that it quickly gets that shee', if you get my drift, that makes it difficult to pick up the colour. Maybe it's my fault for using my fingers and not a brush! It's quickly resolved with a little scraping though. 

The Sally Hanson polish is a bit more purple toned in real life and I bought it thinking it looked a lot like Essie's Splash of Grenadine. Which I already own a dupe of. But still. Forever an addict. Here is the Seventeen polish also. It's a bit too frosty for my liking but I think my mum will go for it. 
I've said it before but I do love Xtras. It's all so cheap and there's always a discount code around-plus it's free delivery with no minimum spend. 

On Monday I went shopping in Wrexham and got suckered into the Peacocks sale. Shamefully I bought a Christmas jumper. It was £8 from £16 so half price but still not completely bargainous. I fell in love with the robins though and I did have my eye on it when it was actually Christmas. I'm sure I'll be pleased I bought it though when December rolls around again! 
I also bought a plain grey hoodie as I live in these. Nothing exciting but I know I'll get my wear out of it. I think it was a fiver thought the sticker said eight. 
I didn't need anymore pyjamas, but I spotted these toast and biscuit ones on the way to the till and just had to have them. Love a bit of whimsy. 

The black trousers are from Primark and are the silky pj sort. I loved my pair last Summer so I thought I would get these early before they sold out, which is always the case in Primark when I see Summer clothes I like! I think these were £8, 

I did have more to include but I think I'll put them into separate posts! 

Have you bought any bargains lately?