Saturday, 11 April 2015

Pancakes & Promenades

I'm so sad that my Easter break is nearly over, but I can't let myself get too down as I have had some lovely trips out.
On Tuesday I went back up to Chester to see my dad, as Stu was working and I didn't want to be stuck inside by myself all day. We strolled along the racecourse, then walked up to the Greyhound retail park, and then back through Chester again via the canal. I was pretty hungry by then so I suggested we go to Hanky Panky Pancakes. I was worried that it was going to be really busy but thankfully there was quite a few tables left. I had a hard time choosing what to have but I eventually settled on a 2 pancake stack with wild cherry ice cream, chocolate chips and chocolate sauce. My dad chose a 'Ginger Tom' crepe which looked really good. I've only ever been once before, but like last time it was amazing and I left feeling very full. In the best way though! We then had a look at a few shops before stopping to have a rest by the river. It was a lovely sunny day so it was packed, but we still managed to nab a bench and I enjoyed listening to a group of girls playing their ukuleles. Least I think that's what they were. Sounded good in any case! After a little break we went over the bridge and set off back to my car. I was sad to see all the locks had been taken off- it must have taken some doing too!  

On Thursday I took my dad and sister to Ellesmere for a walk by the lake. Again it was a fantastic day and the water was flat calm, reflecting the bright blue sky. Once we got further around the lake and away from the road noise, it was lovely and quiet and you could really hear all the different types of birds. We also saw some calves which were very cute! After our amble we returned to Oswestry and had a chippy lunch before having a mooch around town. I really need to start eating more healthily next week- feels like I've been eating non stop this break! It was good to see my sister though as I don't often get to. 

I've had a really good Easter week on reflection, and I'm going to plan some more outings to get me through the next term! 

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