Saturday, 22 August 2015


As always I am late writing up this post. Ah well.
On the 12th we decided to make the most of the sunsine and Stu's time off to go to Barmouth for the day. If you didn't know Barmouth is a seaside resort in West Wales, in the county of Gwynedd. I've been there loads of times as we used to holiday in Shell Island which is just a few miles away from there.
Anyways, after about an hour and fifteen mins on the road we arrived. Parking took a while but we finally found a spot way down the front- it was heaving! We went to get some lunch first and being at the seaside, it had to be fish and chips! We went to the Carousal Cafe (or 'Arousal' - they have a joke sign where the C has slipped) which isn't the best there but was pretty quiet at least. I believe The Mermaid fish bar is the best chippy but I bet the queues would have been long. Service was slow but the food was fine and filled a hole! After lunch we found a spot on the beach to sit and relax. The beach right near the front, opposite the kiosks and fair and whatnot, was pretty packed but we walked a bit further down where it was much less busy. It felt good to lie down and feel the sun on my skin. Though next time I'll have to remember to bring two towels- it was a bit of a squeeze trying to share one and Stu didn't want to get sandy!
A while later we went to get ice cream, as I couldn't go to Barmouth without getting my usual ice cream and doughnut from the kiosk outside the Silly Shilling gift shop- I'm not sure of the name! In any case it was really good and I polished it off very quickly. We then had a little walk around and Stu bought a giant tennis ball for his parents puppy as well as a mint choc chip ice cream for himself.
I then had a little paddle, which felt amazing in the heat, and we made the long walk back to the car along the beach. I had a really lovely time and I'm glad I finally got to go to the beach this summer as it was on my to do list. Hopefully I'll get to go to another one before I have to go back to work. If the weather holds up that is!

An old nail file I had in my bag proved to be a good sculpting tool!

Have you visited Barmouth? What beaches do you reccomend? 

Monday, 17 August 2015

My Birthday!

 Last Sunday (the 9th) was my 26th birthday and I had an absolutely lovely time. We started the day off nice and early to make the most of it, and after opening my presents (I loved everything but highlights were definitely the Sabrina boxset and a new pair of sheepskin boots, my last pair were literally falling apart!) we set off to Ikea with a quick visit to McDonalds for breakfast en route. I do love an Ikea trip and we hadn't been for a while, so the need to buy some random tut was pretty high! We usually go to the one in Wednesbury but this time we went to the Warrington branch. It was very busy, as always, but we still managed to get a good amount of miscellaneous items! Such items included candle holder, plastic bag dispenser and a cushion for my new cover. Oh and a pretty orchid. After a speedy lunch of  meatballs, a hotdog and a cinnamon roll we set off to Chester for some more shopping at the Greyhound Retail Park. I bought quite a bit at the big B&M store there. I'd not been before and it was huge in comparison to the one here in Oswestry. This is probably sounding very boring but I love a bargain shop! Other shops I visited were 99p stores and TK Maxx so I was happy!

Stu didn't approve but how could I resist these! Plus we did actually need new oven gloves.
Stu doesn't like this either as owls don't tweet. But it's cute.  So I don't care :P 

Only £2.49 compared to £6.99 at Boots. This is the shade Little Minx and they did a nude one too .

Pretty orchid! Also, got a lot of cute dog cards this year! 

We had a table booked at La Tasca for 5.30 so we headed back into the city centre to have a drink beforehand. After a bit of a stressful time for Stu finding parking (we eventually managed to park for free so it all worked out well!) we went to Pitcher and Piano. I had my fave Cosmo and Stu had a lovely passion fruit cooler. I hadn't had one in ages and it went down a treat! La Tasca was a bit disappointing however, as we were sat right at the end of a table with a family on it and opposite a couple with a rather noisy baby so it didn't feel like we could talk properly. The food was rather average too, and not as good as the last time I went, but we had a 40% off code so it was reasonably priced at least! I still really enjoyed the beef and cannellini bean empanadas though as well as the slow cooked pork cheeks with skinny fries. Stu chose the latter and I was pleasantly surprised- I wouldn't have ordered it myself but I think I will if I ever go again.
Afterwards we stopped off at a pub alongside the canal and Stu treated me (well he treated me all day, tbf) to another cocktail. This time I chose a strawberry daiquiri and it was pretty good, if a little strong! I was feeling a little sleepy and full by this time so we headed off home to watch Monsters University and have my chocolate orange birthday cake which Stu made. It was so so good and I definitely went to bed feeling as though I could pop!

Monday, 3 August 2015

Primark PS... Velvet Matte Lipstick Crayon

I bought this on a whim the other day whilst quickly perusing the beauty section. I hadn't seen these before and I do love a lipstick crayon. I think there were 3 shades available though I can only remember two! This one which is 'Nude' and a 'Pink' one (very imaginative names!) which I may also have to get. The third may have been a red but I really don't know. At £2 I thought it was worth a try, particularly as I don't have many matte shades. I chose Nude as it seemed to be the most natural colour. It wasn't too brown and had enough pink it it to be wearable for me. I've only tried it on for an hour or so yesterday but so far I'm impressed. It has a lovely soft texture that makes it easy to apply and it really is matte. I will say that your lips need to be pretty smooth to get the best out of this. Mine were a little chapped yesterday and it did highlight the fact! It also has a pleasant vanilla like scent which a lot of brands seem to have. I will be trying this out again on a day when my lips are in better condition, but for £2 I can definitely say they are worth a try.
The pictures make the packaging look more pink but the swatch is more accurate.

Have you tried these? What are your thoughts? 

Sunday, 2 August 2015

Simple Micellar Cleansing Water

I was lucky enough to win 2 bottles of this a while back in a Twitter giveaway. I gave one to my sister and kept one for myself to try. I've tried a few different brands now and I have to say that there really isn't a lot between them. This was one of the more gentle ones though- it didn't sting my eyes and it didn't have a strange after scent (sort of soil like, just me?) like the Garnier one did! Whilst it was gentle it was still really effective at taking everything off and my skin wasn't left feeling dry or sticky. I tend to use cleansing waters at night when I'm too tired to wash my face properly and I did go through a long phase of using just this. I then had a breakout on my chin so I stopped using this for a while and went back to using a cleansing balm. I'm not entirely sure whether it was this that caused the spots- more likely it was the fact that my skin wasn't getting a deep enough cleanse. I will probably buy this again if I see it on offer though I will try not to rely on it too much! It's also quite a small bottle so I did seem to go through it very quickly. Still, I would recommend this.

Monday, 27 July 2015

More Laura Factoids

So I'm into week 2 of my summer hols, and Stu has gone back to work after having the first week off with me, so I thought I'd fill some time by doing some more facts about me. I know, how riveting eh? These types of posts of some of my faves though as they appeal to my nosey nature, haha!

  • I think the last time I wrote a similar post I was still doing supply as a teaching assistant. Well I'm now a learning support assistant in a school just 5 mins drive from me (or a 15 min walk if I'm not feeling lazy, which is very rare). I've been doing this since Easter (ish) 2013 and I've worked with the same child from reception to Year 2. Sadly at the end of last term I was told I had been placed with another child, which was a massive blow to me, but I think a change will both do us some good, and I'll still see his cheeky little face around school! 

  • I live with my fiance Stuart (fiance still sounds weird) who I met online. This is quite common place now I think. The couple who's wedding I went to a few weeks ago actually met online too! After my break up in 2012, unbeknown to me, my friend had made me a profile on a dating site in the hope of finding me someone new. She then told me what she'd done after she was sick of getting messages from weirdos! She kindly gave me my log in details and that's when I had a little look for myself and found Stu amongst the creeps. He only lived about 20 mins away and seemed normal!  I think we started messaging around Christmas time and we had our first date in January, the 7th I believe, and that was that!

  • I don't have eyebrow 'game'. I'm sorry. I very rarely use anything on them. Again my apologies. 

  • My hair is naturally wavy but I have to blow dry it as it would take all day to dry naturally. This results in my hair being very bushy with random kinks. My hair is either in a low pony or a high pony. I don't tend to deviate and it's so boring!

  • I can't drink coffee as it makes me feel ill and very weird! I'm literally still feeling the caffeine 6 hours later! I used to really like the iced coffee drinks but nope, the after effects are just not worth it! 

  • My current obsession is with pancakes. The crepe sort, though I have nothing against the American kind. With bananas and Nutella I'm in my happy place! 

  • I didn't go abroad until I was in secondary school. I remember being disappointed that everything seemed so brown from the plane! Before then I had always gone camping. I haven't really been since and I miss it. 

  • I once took my hamster to my friends house in my coat pocket. I also took one on a car trip once and nearly lost him in the upholstery, 

  • I'm not mad on Disney. I like some of the films but for the most part I'm indifferent! 

  • Last night I ate a whole trifle in one go. Can't say I was that ashamed! 

  • I love lychees and anything lychee flavoured or scented. Also elderflower at the moment too. 

  • For some reason I really like it when I get a yellow birthday card. I can't explain this! 

  • Some days I hate that it's bright and sunny as it shows up all the dust and where I did to hoover in the flat!

I'm starting to bore myself now, so I'll leave it at that! I'm sure you've been gripped :P 

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

New Nude (ish) Lipsticks

So it would appear I have been suckered in by the trend for nude lips at the moment. I've never been a massive fan of truly 'nude' lips as I often find then too brown and most just wash me out. I definitely prefer more pink based ones as they are much more flattering on me. I think my favourite one is my Essence lipstick in Natural Beauty. I wanted to experiment a little lately though and I've amassed quite a few new shades.

The first shade is 'Whispers' by Freedom. It's isn't technically a nude, on me at least, as on the lips it's quite bright and pink, It's really nice though and not a shade I've worn before. Plus it was a bargain at only a quid. The second shade is the Rimmel Kate lipstick in 45- the pinkest nude in the new range. I'm still on the fence about this one. I think if it was a little more sheer I would like it more. Next is another Freedom one in 'Sooner or Later'. I think this has just the right amount of pink and brown tones. This would be the one I would use for a 'proper' nude lip. Following this is a Maybelline Color Sensational  lipstick in 'Iced Caramel'. This is the darkest of the bunch, and though quite brown, I do like it. Not a fan at all but I think it would fall under the 'Kylie Jenner' catorgory! Lastly we have a Wild About Beauty Nutrilips lipstick in 'Bobbie'. I received this shade in a YouBeauty Discovery box and was quite disappointed when I saw it! I find it too pale and brown to wear on it's own (it really washes me out!) but as it's sheer it seems to work well layered over brighter pink lippies to tone them down. I tried this with 'Whispers' to lessen the brightness and it did the job nicely. It's a shame the colour isn't me as the texture is really lovely.

L-R-Freedom 'Whispers', Rimmel Kate '45', Freedom 'Sooner or Later', Maybelline 'Iced Coffee', Wild About Beauty 'Bobbie'

Do you have any of these shades? What do you think?

Sunday, 19 July 2015

School's Out For Summer!

Cliché title but I couldn't help it! I now have 7 (yup!) weeks off before I start work again in September, In the past I've had a summer job to help tide me over but, at the risk of sounding lazy, I just don't fancy it. I work really hard during term time and I find it both mentally and physically draining, so I just want to have a summer relaxing and doing what I like.

I love a 'to-do' post but I thought I'd do a more positive one than the last, and list the more fun things I want to do with my time off.

  • Have a road trip to Bangor. I went to Bangor Uni (8 years ago now-how?!) and I haven't been back since my graduation in 2011. For the most part I had a really good time there so I'm looking forward to going back and reminiscing. Going to Menai bridge and looking at the gorgeous views along the straits is top of the list for me. I'm hopefully going to go with my friend, who I met in my first year in halls. We're both from the same place and we've stayed close ever since-she's truly lovely.

  • My birthday! It's my birthday in August and I've been thinking of ways I want to spend the day. I've already got my eye on a good restaurant we could go to in Chester. I'm also toying with the idea of a fancy afternoon tea. Anything with food really! I'm grateful for any gifts but I'd love to get the Sabrina the Teenage Witch boxset. I only thought of it the other day but it would be perfect! Harvey & Sabrina forever <3 

  • Camping. I'd love to go camping this year. I used to go on a camping holiday every year when I was younger and adored it. I think it would be a really good way to de-stress and get away from technology! Ideally I'd like to go camping near the coast but I'm open to different ideas. 

  • Trip to the seaside! Linked to the above I suppose, but I really, really want to go the beach. I find it so relaxing looking out to sea and strolling on the sand. I will keep an eye on the weather and try and plan a trip. Added ice creams preferable. 

  • Barbecue. My mum has been saying she's going to do one for ages, so hopefully we'll get lucky with the weather soon and they'll be free to do one. She does do a good spread, haha. 

  • Walks. I love going on a relaxing, scenic walk. It's good to just get outside and get some fresh air and exercise, which is much needed! I'd like to see some more places in Shropshire and Powys. Theres some pretty villages around so it would be good to do some exploring!

That's all I can think of for now, but I'm sure more will pop up!

Monday, 6 July 2015

Weekend Wedding

Hi! Hope you're all doing well. I've been pretty busy lately but the thought of just 2 more weeks in school (well 9 working days now) is keeping me going! I can't wait for a break so that I can finally get the flat sorted and tackle all the jobs I've been meaning to do!
On Saturday we went to a friends wedding in a lovely little village outside of Oswestry. The weather was gorgeous and we had a great time. It got me thinking about how I want my wedding to be and how I need to start saving. How many times have I said that on here since I've gotten engaged?! It will happen though, it has to! I was also pretty pleased that I managed to wear some proper high heels without toppling over. Quite an achievement for me! I loved the dress I chose and I'm a bit sad that I didn't manage to get a picture of myself in it but you can see it here! It wasn't the dress I was going to wear originally but I saw it on sale for 30% off in Dorothy Perkins and I had to have it. I did have to loosen the belt on it later on though thanks to the amazing hog roast and buffet!
Make up wise I stuck to what I know and used my usual Rimmel Lasting Finish Nude foundation along with my Make Up Gallery blusher and Body Shop honey bronzer. For eyes I chose my favourite combo of colours (the taupey shades) from my Make Up Revolution Iconic 2 palette, finished off with my fave Seventeen Doll'd Up mascara. I don't really know why I bother having other shadows when I nearly always just use this one! My lipstick, which I'm not actually wearing in the picture, is from Essence in the shade Natural Beauty.
I straightened my hair but as usual it got pouffy again quickly. I can never get my hair as sleek as they do in the hairdressers! Hopefully when I'm not in work I'll have the time to embrace my natural waves-it'll be much less hassle!

Hope you had a good weekend too :)

Monday, 29 June 2015

Book Review: I'll Give You The Sun by Jandy Nelson

I have been reading furiously over the weekend in order to get this review out, but I have to say it was a pleasure not a pain! I haven't been into reading of late (books as opposed to mags, blogs etc) but this one gripped me and now I feel like I really want to crack on with some more in my to- read pile.
I was very interested in reading this when I read it would be the first #sassybooks title (the blogger book club created by Hayley and Charlotte) as although I'm not usually into YA fiction, it was about twins, and being one myself, it really piqued my interest. One of the first things that struck me was how descriptive and emotional Nelson's writing is. It really is beautiful. Though I have to admit sometimes it was so abstract it was hard to get my head around! Art plays a major part of the story and the way she paints a picture with words really reflects this. Incidentally the art theme was also endearing to me as our parents met in art college. I wish I could say I'm as talented as they are but sadly I don't have the same flair!
I'll Give You The Sun revolves around twins Noah and Jude who were once 'more one than two' but through a series of events have ended up fragmented and so far away from each other, though they live in the same house. As I was getting into it, I wondered what it would be like to have a twin brother rather than a sister and if we would be as close as we are. Who knows! What I do know is that I could appreciate the special bond that twins have, as corny as it sounds. I was particularly taken with the part where Jude describes the first time they were apart in life. Not sure of a page number but location 3213 of 5276 on my Kindle if that helps. It really resonated with me.
 I liked that the story alternated between Jude and Noah, at different ages. I always find that books with alternating narrators are better at keeping my attention. It was good to see things from their point of view and to see how their pieces of the story fit together as the story progresses. Also, what I loved was how well developed the characters were. Nelson really brings them to life and you can imagine perfectly what they look they and how they act. The whole spectrum of emotions ( and probably more!) are covered from pure elation to crushing lows and everything in between. It's introspection brilliantly done. However I do wonder if anyone really thinks like that on a day to day basis- it would be very exhausting. Though I don't doubt that we all have our moments.
Normally with YA I find the characters to be quite immature. I'm 26 shortly and though I don't feel my age ( I've definitely not had a hard paper round)  I still find that I can't relate to a lot of the storylines, or have empathy towards the characters. However with this I didn't find that to be the case. Even the parts told by a 13 year old Noah struck a cord. I'm not sure how many teenagers are that philosophical, they surely exist of course, but in any case it's all the better for it.
 As emotionally descriptive as it is, it's still what I would class as 'easy' to read, without being fluffy and superficial. These are the types of books I enjoy best so I'm very glad I chose to read this as ordinary I don't think I would be drawn to it as, like I mentioned earlier, YA is not a genre I tend to go for. So thank you to Hayley and Charlotte for bringing it to my attention!
Definitely one I can recommend.

Saturday, 13 June 2015

Make Up Gallery Long Lasting Foundation- Initial Thoughts

Today I tried out one of my latest purchases from the Make Up Gallery line at Poundland. I'm not a make up snob any means but I did wonder how well a pound shop foundation would perform. After wearing it today I can say that for the price it's really not bad. I got the palest shade available 'Ivory' and it's still a little dark on me. It's wearable but I think it will be a better match once I've got more of a tan. Coverage was pretty low but I think it could be built up. It still worked well at evening out my skin but it sadly didn't cover a big spot up very well! It applied well with a beauty blender- the formula doesn't feel cheap. It claims to leave a matte finish but I felt it was a bit more shiny than my regular Rimmel Lasting Finish Nude. I definitely needed to use powder afterwards, but I do have quite oily skin. It's now been about 5 hours since I first put it on and I could do with a blotting paper!It lasted pretty well though considering my skin type.
All in all, not a bad budget buy. Hopefully I'll be able to get a proper picture of me wearing it soon.

Saturday, 6 June 2015

Make Up Gallery Feeling Blush Blusher

Today I thought I'd do a review on my Make Up Gallery blusher in the shade Candyfloss. This was one of the first items I bought when I found out that Poundland were launching their own make up range. After using it for a good while now I can definitely say it was well worth a pound.
Candyfloss is a peachy pink shade that I think works well for Spring/Summer especially. I've been enjoying wearing this alongside a bit of my Bodyshop honey bronzer- they seem to compliment one another. I usually stick to pink blushes so it makes a nice change to wear a shade that leans more on the peach side.
It's a bit powdery but the pigmentation is really good. In fact it can be quite easy to go overboard! I don't really need any more blushers but for a quid I'm tempted to try another one!

Have you been impressed with anything from Make Up Gallery? 

Monday, 1 June 2015

Sorting Myself Out!

There are so many things I need to do lately that I thought I'd do a post to sort of spur me on and to organise in my head what I need to do!

One of the perks of working in a school is that I have a considerable amount of time off (this just about makes up for the rubbish pay) and whilst I'm facing a long 7 weeks left of term, I know that I'll have plenty of time off in the summer. We're not going away this year either so that's more time to sort my shit out!

  • Job hunt. I am seriously considering looking for another job as thinking towards the future, in particular, our wedding (one day!) I need a job with more hours/better pay. I've found work to be more frustrating and challenging this year and it has left me questioning whether I want to branch out and try something different. Trouble is I've only ever worked in schools/nurseries so my experience outside this area is extremely limited! I don't even know what I want so that doesn't help either. We shall see. I think I'll also have a better idea of what I want to do at the end of term, when our roles for the following school year are given. 
  • Saving. I desperately need to start saving seriously. As I've said I want to start thinking realistically about wedding planning. Cut backs will definitely need to be made! I need to stop internet shopping and impulse buying, in addition to meal planning properly so that we are not in the supermarket nearly every day. I'm also planning on doing some car boots in the holidays and selling some items on ebay. I have enough junk in the flat and at home to get me started! 
  • Sorting & tidying. As much as I'm dreading it, the flat really does need a good sort out! The spare/junk room is really starting to stress me out- trying to get at anything in there is a challenge! I also am in desperate need of storage. Ikea trip I think! My cupboards and drawers are overflowing and I'm tired of items not having a place. I'll try not to take up too much at once as it's so easy to become overwhelmed, especially when you get to that horrible stage of the place looking worse than when you started! 
  • The shit tip that is my car. My car. Urgh. It's served me well over the 9 years that I've had it, but it's starting to show its age now. I need to clean my boot out properly once and for all (contents may include a bag of poster paint, mouldy trainers and an old tv amongst all the other miscellaneous crap) and finally get my heating sorted. It constantly blows out hot air even when nothings turned on. Not pleasant at all, especially now it's getting hotter! In an ideal world I would get another, but at the moment it's not financially possible. 
  • Me time. I'm planning on getting my hair coloured again during the break. I'm thinking of going back to blonde as it's nearly all grown out now, and it'll help make me feel more summery. I also want to get back into reading ( I feel I say this a lot) and get through all the books that I have stacked up. I want to get away from relying on my laptop/phone for entertainment so I've bought a pack of origami paper so I can have a go at making some more designs. I really enjoying making my lotus and what with all the youtube tutorials about it's not too hard. Well less difficult than trying to follow diagrams!
I hope you haven't found this post too boring- I just really needed to get down my plans!

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Lets Go Bargain Hunting!

I do love a bargainous haul so today I thought I'd show you what I have bought lately.

In Poundworld I got two bottles of Aussie Luscious Long conditioner. One for me and one for my dad- he's been complaining that his hair feels dry lately! For a quid I'd definitely recommend you check your local for some! I also bought the L'Oreal Derma Genesis Pore Minimising Serum as I've had my eye on it on the cheapy beauty sites for a a while. Looking forward to trying it out.
I was really excited to see some packs of Elegant Touch nails. I got a gold glitter set and a pink one, both in the 'short' style. They come with adhesive tabs which I haven't tried yet, but they have to be better than that stinky glue. I keep buying false nails but I confess I still haven't tried any of them! I will do though, promise!

In The Works I bought this baking book set for a quid. There's Gorgeous Cakes, Chocolate Treats and Cupcakes & Mini Bakes. I'll be putting this away for a present, though I'm so tempted to open it!

In Home Bargains I bought this cute Hello Kitty mug for 79p. I love all the cakes and bunting on it- so sweet! I already have too many mugs but I couldn't resist. 

From 99p Store I bought a shimmery dark green OPI shatter polish. I know the trend is over but it's still a pretty colour! The purple polish and eyeliner from Manhattan came together in a pack. The khol eyeliner is in the shade Plummy and the polish is called Ping Pong Plum. A great little set come Autumn/Winter! The teeny Maybelline Colorshow blusher is from Poundland. It doesn't have a shade name but it's a candy pink which merges into a light peach. This would be good for taking away I think. 

Also from 99p Stores is a Witch tinted moisturiser in the shade Light and a Andrea Fullerton nail polish duo. I also got a blue one and one that came with loose pink glitter instead of polish. I'm not sure if the tinted moisturiser is a good match for my skin as of yet, but I shall let you know. 

So there you have it! Have you found any good deals lately?

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

W7 In The City Palette

I bought this palette last month but I hadn't tried it out properly until this morning, when I thought it was about time I gave it a go! I used a primer and started by evening out my eyelids with the 2nd shade 'Troy'- this matches my skin tone perfectly. I then went over the lid with the 3rd shade 'Brass'. Next I used the following shades 'Touch' and 'Autumn' in the crease, followed by a touch of 'Andrea' (most peculiar name choice). All the shades are matte and blended in well with no fall out. With the help of a bit of primer the pigmentation was good, especially considering the price. I got mine at Xtras for £3.99 with the code 'WELCOME20'. It's a really compact little palette and I think it would be great for travelling with. It's a tin (albeit not the strongest) so I think it would fare well in a bag or suitcase.
I would definitely recommend this if you are into your matte nude shades! And if your budget doesn't quite stretch to Urban Decay like myself!

Apologies for the slicked back hair! Needs a wash!

I think W7 are really upping their game lately and I'm liking a lot of their products! 

Thursday, 14 May 2015

Drinks & Ducks

Hello! Happy Thursday!

So last Saturday I went out to Chester for drinks with my best friend. I don't see her nearly enough and it had been absolutely ages since I'd had a night out. My 63 year old dad goes out more than me!
I booked me and Stu (he came too) into a guesthouse so that one of us didn't have to drive. It also meant we could stay out as long as we wanted. My dad lives just outside Chester and I would have just stayed there if I had been by myself. It would have definitely saved a lot of money. Even Travelodge's are expensive without booking way in advance. Luckily I found a decent looking guesthouse with good reviews a few days before. It was still £75 for just one night but it did include breakfast and it was the cheapest I could find without going to somewhere grotty! Luckily it was a comfortable, pleasant place and I would recommend it if you're ever in the area.
We arrived at the Kings Guest House in Handbridge at about 3.30 on Saturday as Stu had been working until 1. The location was pretty good as we were close enough to the city to walk into the centre but far enough away from the noise and general hustle and bustle. We had a room near the top of the building and I loved looking out and seeing the back of the houses, as odd as it sounds. I think it's because I grew up in Chester and it's a street I walked along or went through on the bus a lot, so it was novel to have a different perspective!

Looking very dozy. I'm not used to staying up past 10!

Anyways, we dumped our stuff then had a wander around town followed by tea at Harvester. Time seemed to have gotten away from us so it was about 8.30 when we finally met with my friend. That and my hair wasn't playing ball, even with straighteners!
First we went to The Church as I hasn't been there before. It was packed but my friend reckoned it was actually quite quiet!  I had never seen so many hen parties! Most amusing watching one group dance with an inflatable penis though, I have to say. I also had a Cosmo after craving a cocktail for so long- it was really nice,but as always expensive! Later on we headed to Pitcher and Piano as all the noise was stressing Stu out. I have to agree, I do prefer places were you talk easily. Here it was nice to just have a sit down and chat without shouting! It was also much less busy, though we did get ID'd going in. I do wonder when I'll finally look my age! 26 in August and still look like a teen.

I had a really good night though I wish I had gotten ready sooner so we could have gone to more places.It was good to just have a night away and breakfast in the morning was lovely and really hit the spot and sorted my headache out- I'm such a lightweight!

Not really related but on Monday me and Stu went for a walk around the mere and saw the cutest ducklings. They were so sweet though mummy duck did get angry and quack at me at one point!
I've also been having a go at origami. I've figured I need a non technical hobby! My first attempt at a lotus blossom wasn't too bad I thought, considering I made it from some spare gift wrap (we'll ignore the fact I used the wrong side!).

Been up to anything good lately?