Monday, 27 July 2015

More Laura Factoids

So I'm into week 2 of my summer hols, and Stu has gone back to work after having the first week off with me, so I thought I'd fill some time by doing some more facts about me. I know, how riveting eh? These types of posts of some of my faves though as they appeal to my nosey nature, haha!

  • I think the last time I wrote a similar post I was still doing supply as a teaching assistant. Well I'm now a learning support assistant in a school just 5 mins drive from me (or a 15 min walk if I'm not feeling lazy, which is very rare). I've been doing this since Easter (ish) 2013 and I've worked with the same child from reception to Year 2. Sadly at the end of last term I was told I had been placed with another child, which was a massive blow to me, but I think a change will both do us some good, and I'll still see his cheeky little face around school! 

  • I live with my fiance Stuart (fiance still sounds weird) who I met online. This is quite common place now I think. The couple who's wedding I went to a few weeks ago actually met online too! After my break up in 2012, unbeknown to me, my friend had made me a profile on a dating site in the hope of finding me someone new. She then told me what she'd done after she was sick of getting messages from weirdos! She kindly gave me my log in details and that's when I had a little look for myself and found Stu amongst the creeps. He only lived about 20 mins away and seemed normal!  I think we started messaging around Christmas time and we had our first date in January, the 7th I believe, and that was that!

  • I don't have eyebrow 'game'. I'm sorry. I very rarely use anything on them. Again my apologies. 

  • My hair is naturally wavy but I have to blow dry it as it would take all day to dry naturally. This results in my hair being very bushy with random kinks. My hair is either in a low pony or a high pony. I don't tend to deviate and it's so boring!

  • I can't drink coffee as it makes me feel ill and very weird! I'm literally still feeling the caffeine 6 hours later! I used to really like the iced coffee drinks but nope, the after effects are just not worth it! 

  • My current obsession is with pancakes. The crepe sort, though I have nothing against the American kind. With bananas and Nutella I'm in my happy place! 

  • I didn't go abroad until I was in secondary school. I remember being disappointed that everything seemed so brown from the plane! Before then I had always gone camping. I haven't really been since and I miss it. 

  • I once took my hamster to my friends house in my coat pocket. I also took one on a car trip once and nearly lost him in the upholstery, 

  • I'm not mad on Disney. I like some of the films but for the most part I'm indifferent! 

  • Last night I ate a whole trifle in one go. Can't say I was that ashamed! 

  • I love lychees and anything lychee flavoured or scented. Also elderflower at the moment too. 

  • For some reason I really like it when I get a yellow birthday card. I can't explain this! 

  • Some days I hate that it's bright and sunny as it shows up all the dust and where I did to hoover in the flat!

I'm starting to bore myself now, so I'll leave it at that! I'm sure you've been gripped :P 

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