Tuesday, 21 July 2015

New Nude (ish) Lipsticks

So it would appear I have been suckered in by the trend for nude lips at the moment. I've never been a massive fan of truly 'nude' lips as I often find then too brown and most just wash me out. I definitely prefer more pink based ones as they are much more flattering on me. I think my favourite one is my Essence lipstick in Natural Beauty. I wanted to experiment a little lately though and I've amassed quite a few new shades.

The first shade is 'Whispers' by Freedom. It's isn't technically a nude, on me at least, as on the lips it's quite bright and pink, It's really nice though and not a shade I've worn before. Plus it was a bargain at only a quid. The second shade is the Rimmel Kate lipstick in 45- the pinkest nude in the new range. I'm still on the fence about this one. I think if it was a little more sheer I would like it more. Next is another Freedom one in 'Sooner or Later'. I think this has just the right amount of pink and brown tones. This would be the one I would use for a 'proper' nude lip. Following this is a Maybelline Color Sensational  lipstick in 'Iced Caramel'. This is the darkest of the bunch, and though quite brown, I do like it. Not a fan at all but I think it would fall under the 'Kylie Jenner' catorgory! Lastly we have a Wild About Beauty Nutrilips lipstick in 'Bobbie'. I received this shade in a YouBeauty Discovery box and was quite disappointed when I saw it! I find it too pale and brown to wear on it's own (it really washes me out!) but as it's sheer it seems to work well layered over brighter pink lippies to tone them down. I tried this with 'Whispers' to lessen the brightness and it did the job nicely. It's a shame the colour isn't me as the texture is really lovely.

L-R-Freedom 'Whispers', Rimmel Kate '45', Freedom 'Sooner or Later', Maybelline 'Iced Coffee', Wild About Beauty 'Bobbie'

Do you have any of these shades? What do you think?

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