Sunday, 2 August 2015

Simple Micellar Cleansing Water

I was lucky enough to win 2 bottles of this a while back in a Twitter giveaway. I gave one to my sister and kept one for myself to try. I've tried a few different brands now and I have to say that there really isn't a lot between them. This was one of the more gentle ones though- it didn't sting my eyes and it didn't have a strange after scent (sort of soil like, just me?) like the Garnier one did! Whilst it was gentle it was still really effective at taking everything off and my skin wasn't left feeling dry or sticky. I tend to use cleansing waters at night when I'm too tired to wash my face properly and I did go through a long phase of using just this. I then had a breakout on my chin so I stopped using this for a while and went back to using a cleansing balm. I'm not entirely sure whether it was this that caused the spots- more likely it was the fact that my skin wasn't getting a deep enough cleanse. I will probably buy this again if I see it on offer though I will try not to rely on it too much! It's also quite a small bottle so I did seem to go through it very quickly. Still, I would recommend this.

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  1. I was wondering about this so I think I'll buy soon. I've used a high end one and a Superdrug one so far. The Superdrug one left my face sticky and the other one smelled like metal. Weird! xx