Saturday, 22 August 2015


As always I am late writing up this post. Ah well.
On the 12th we decided to make the most of the sunsine and Stu's time off to go to Barmouth for the day. If you didn't know Barmouth is a seaside resort in West Wales, in the county of Gwynedd. I've been there loads of times as we used to holiday in Shell Island which is just a few miles away from there.
Anyways, after about an hour and fifteen mins on the road we arrived. Parking took a while but we finally found a spot way down the front- it was heaving! We went to get some lunch first and being at the seaside, it had to be fish and chips! We went to the Carousal Cafe (or 'Arousal' - they have a joke sign where the C has slipped) which isn't the best there but was pretty quiet at least. I believe The Mermaid fish bar is the best chippy but I bet the queues would have been long. Service was slow but the food was fine and filled a hole! After lunch we found a spot on the beach to sit and relax. The beach right near the front, opposite the kiosks and fair and whatnot, was pretty packed but we walked a bit further down where it was much less busy. It felt good to lie down and feel the sun on my skin. Though next time I'll have to remember to bring two towels- it was a bit of a squeeze trying to share one and Stu didn't want to get sandy!
A while later we went to get ice cream, as I couldn't go to Barmouth without getting my usual ice cream and doughnut from the kiosk outside the Silly Shilling gift shop- I'm not sure of the name! In any case it was really good and I polished it off very quickly. We then had a little walk around and Stu bought a giant tennis ball for his parents puppy as well as a mint choc chip ice cream for himself.
I then had a little paddle, which felt amazing in the heat, and we made the long walk back to the car along the beach. I had a really lovely time and I'm glad I finally got to go to the beach this summer as it was on my to do list. Hopefully I'll get to go to another one before I have to go back to work. If the weather holds up that is!

An old nail file I had in my bag proved to be a good sculpting tool!

Have you visited Barmouth? What beaches do you reccomend? 

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