Thursday, 14 May 2015

Drinks & Ducks

Hello! Happy Thursday!

So last Saturday I went out to Chester for drinks with my best friend. I don't see her nearly enough and it had been absolutely ages since I'd had a night out. My 63 year old dad goes out more than me!
I booked me and Stu (he came too) into a guesthouse so that one of us didn't have to drive. It also meant we could stay out as long as we wanted. My dad lives just outside Chester and I would have just stayed there if I had been by myself. It would have definitely saved a lot of money. Even Travelodge's are expensive without booking way in advance. Luckily I found a decent looking guesthouse with good reviews a few days before. It was still £75 for just one night but it did include breakfast and it was the cheapest I could find without going to somewhere grotty! Luckily it was a comfortable, pleasant place and I would recommend it if you're ever in the area.
We arrived at the Kings Guest House in Handbridge at about 3.30 on Saturday as Stu had been working until 1. The location was pretty good as we were close enough to the city to walk into the centre but far enough away from the noise and general hustle and bustle. We had a room near the top of the building and I loved looking out and seeing the back of the houses, as odd as it sounds. I think it's because I grew up in Chester and it's a street I walked along or went through on the bus a lot, so it was novel to have a different perspective!

Looking very dozy. I'm not used to staying up past 10!

Anyways, we dumped our stuff then had a wander around town followed by tea at Harvester. Time seemed to have gotten away from us so it was about 8.30 when we finally met with my friend. That and my hair wasn't playing ball, even with straighteners!
First we went to The Church as I hasn't been there before. It was packed but my friend reckoned it was actually quite quiet!  I had never seen so many hen parties! Most amusing watching one group dance with an inflatable penis though, I have to say. I also had a Cosmo after craving a cocktail for so long- it was really nice,but as always expensive! Later on we headed to Pitcher and Piano as all the noise was stressing Stu out. I have to agree, I do prefer places were you talk easily. Here it was nice to just have a sit down and chat without shouting! It was also much less busy, though we did get ID'd going in. I do wonder when I'll finally look my age! 26 in August and still look like a teen.

I had a really good night though I wish I had gotten ready sooner so we could have gone to more places.It was good to just have a night away and breakfast in the morning was lovely and really hit the spot and sorted my headache out- I'm such a lightweight!

Not really related but on Monday me and Stu went for a walk around the mere and saw the cutest ducklings. They were so sweet though mummy duck did get angry and quack at me at one point!
I've also been having a go at origami. I've figured I need a non technical hobby! My first attempt at a lotus blossom wasn't too bad I thought, considering I made it from some spare gift wrap (we'll ignore the fact I used the wrong side!).

Been up to anything good lately?

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