Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Lets Go Bargain Hunting!

I do love a bargainous haul so today I thought I'd show you what I have bought lately.

In Poundworld I got two bottles of Aussie Luscious Long conditioner. One for me and one for my dad- he's been complaining that his hair feels dry lately! For a quid I'd definitely recommend you check your local for some! I also bought the L'Oreal Derma Genesis Pore Minimising Serum as I've had my eye on it on the cheapy beauty sites for a a while. Looking forward to trying it out.
I was really excited to see some packs of Elegant Touch nails. I got a gold glitter set and a pink one, both in the 'short' style. They come with adhesive tabs which I haven't tried yet, but they have to be better than that stinky glue. I keep buying false nails but I confess I still haven't tried any of them! I will do though, promise!

In The Works I bought this baking book set for a quid. There's Gorgeous Cakes, Chocolate Treats and Cupcakes & Mini Bakes. I'll be putting this away for a present, though I'm so tempted to open it!

In Home Bargains I bought this cute Hello Kitty mug for 79p. I love all the cakes and bunting on it- so sweet! I already have too many mugs but I couldn't resist. 

From 99p Store I bought a shimmery dark green OPI shatter polish. I know the trend is over but it's still a pretty colour! The purple polish and eyeliner from Manhattan came together in a pack. The khol eyeliner is in the shade Plummy and the polish is called Ping Pong Plum. A great little set come Autumn/Winter! The teeny Maybelline Colorshow blusher is from Poundland. It doesn't have a shade name but it's a candy pink which merges into a light peach. This would be good for taking away I think. 

Also from 99p Stores is a Witch tinted moisturiser in the shade Light and a Andrea Fullerton nail polish duo. I also got a blue one and one that came with loose pink glitter instead of polish. I'm not sure if the tinted moisturiser is a good match for my skin as of yet, but I shall let you know. 

So there you have it! Have you found any good deals lately?


  1. awww I love the Hello Kitty cup! My mum got me a HK teapot yesterday :) <3 xox

  2. Well done on finding the Aussie products for such a great price! Will be heading into Poundland myself to see if I can find them. :)

    1. Such a bargain, should have gotten another one for myself- go through it so quickly!