Sunday, 5 April 2015

Easter Sunday

I don't normally do anything special for Easter, usually it's just another day, but today has been particularly pleasant.

I started the day by sneakily organising an Easter egg hunt for Stu. I thought of doing it earlier in the week whilst he was ill, plus I couldn't resist the cute little tin buckets they were selling in Home Bargains! Considering I only hid them in our living room/kitchen and hallway I think I did well to hide 32 eggs and bunnies! He was pretty quick at finding them though (bar a few lower down. Being about 6ft 1 he easily got the ones on the top of the picture frames, well the ones I could reach!) so I may have to up my game next year!

After that excitment we then set off for the Chester Food, Drink and Lifestyle festival, picking up Stu's younger sister on the way. We went last year and were really impressed so I'm glad we got to go again, especially as we didn't know it was this weekend and nearly missed out. It was fairly busy when we got there but not overly so once we were looking at the outdoor stalls. There was so much to choose from but my first port of call was the Pizza Peddlers. You couldn't miss them in their van (a vintage Citreon 'H' van-called Rowlie'- I learnt this on Facebook!)/ The pizzas were wood fired and looked amazing, so I chose the wild mushroom one with mozarella and wild garlic finished with parmesan and a sprinkling of truffle oil. It was just gorgeous and done so quickly. £6 was a bargain I felt. They do weddings too so I may be looking into them. After all it is one of my favourite foods! I really wanted one of the hot dogs from the 'Piggy Smalls' stand (especially the 'Notorious P.I.G one- it had bacon jam!) but I was rather full after my pizza! I'll definitely be looking out for them in other festivals though.

After another wander we came across a macaron stall and I bought a rose and raspberry one. I've never had macarons before and there were so many flavours to choose from but I couldn't resist that combination. It was unusual but the flavours really worked. I wish I had bought a box of different ones now so I could of tried more! The macaron was pretty small, and of course I had room for more sweetness, so next I had a creme egg crepe from the 'I Love Crepes' stall. It was delicious but a little tricky to eat with a plastic spoon. I just shoved it in my gob with my fingers in the end! I'm not ashamed to say I could have had another. Or a banana and Nutella one.

It got a bit lopsided in my bag!
We did try and see Gregg Wallace in the chef demo stage area but it was absolutely rammed. I sort of expected this but at least I got to hear him! Do love Gregg has to be said.
Before we left I treated myself to a Pink Passion cocktail from The Fresh Lemonade Co. It contained vodka and passion fruit liquor (I can't remember what else- possibly their lemonade?) and was very very good! I wanted a pinl gin fizz too but at £6 a go I thought one would do! Again they also do weddings which I would love. Who doesn't love a cocktail?!
For just £6 a ticket I would highly recommend the food festival- definitely the best one I've visited so far.

We returned home and then went back out to my mums to have a roast dinner. We rarely do a roast for ourselves so it made a nice change and was very yum. Mum had also made cupcakes and brownies, which sadly put my muffins to shame. Least they looked the part!

All in all a lovely day made even better knowing there is no work tomorrow. Or for another week!


  1. I need to visit a food festival soon, it's right up my street haha!
    Love Vicki |