Friday, 3 April 2015

What I Have Bought Lately

Or rather, what I have been wasting my money on lately. That is often more likely the case!

So I think I should start with a rather fabulous bag that I bought from Nica- the Venice crossbody. I saw it on Twitter one day and I had to hunt it down! I was a bit disappointed when I saw that it was £45 on the website, but then I checked again a few days later and it was half price so I just had to get it. I don't normally impulse buy quite expensive things like this, but it really was love at first site! Look at that cat dammit! I had to get the blue one but they also do it in black, lemon, navy floral and black/white floral. They also do a Venice tote bag.
It's the perfect size for me and I can't wait to use it- though I sort of don't want to take it out and spoil it!

On Wednesday I went to Chester with my dad and managed to get quite a few bargains. In Boots I bought a Seventeen Stay Pout lipstick in the shade Rule Breaker and a nail polish in Toasted Almond. I've never seen these lippies before so I'm wondering if they were a free gift at one point. In any case it has a rather jazzy gem on the top and is a really pretty berry shade.

In Primark I couldn't resist these Sweep slippers. Just couldn't. I grabbed the last pair in my size so I was well chuffed! These were £4 and they also had Sooty available. I might be tempted.
I also bought some more glass nail files and some false nails to play around with. I always really like the designs they do but I must have oddly shapes thumb nails because I can never find sizes to fit them!

We had a little browse in a charity shop and I found a copy of The Miniaturist for a quid. I've been trying to read more lately so this will go onto the 'to read' pile. Pleased to get this for so cheap.

I collected my Xtras order the day too which is always very exciting. I got the W7 In The City natural nudes palette, a L'Oreal Color Riche eyeshadow in 201 Cafe Saint Germain and a Sally Hansen polish in Pinch Of Punch. 
The pigmentation of the palette is much better than I thought it would be, and bar the first two shades, are actually pretty decent for the price. I'd still use a primer with them though. The L'Oreal eyeshadow is a very wearable shimmery brown shade (for want of a better description). It's swatches more cool toned than it appears when actually applied. The texture is very soft as it is 'gel infused' but I do find that it quickly gets that shee', if you get my drift, that makes it difficult to pick up the colour. Maybe it's my fault for using my fingers and not a brush! It's quickly resolved with a little scraping though. 

The Sally Hanson polish is a bit more purple toned in real life and I bought it thinking it looked a lot like Essie's Splash of Grenadine. Which I already own a dupe of. But still. Forever an addict. Here is the Seventeen polish also. It's a bit too frosty for my liking but I think my mum will go for it. 
I've said it before but I do love Xtras. It's all so cheap and there's always a discount code around-plus it's free delivery with no minimum spend. 

On Monday I went shopping in Wrexham and got suckered into the Peacocks sale. Shamefully I bought a Christmas jumper. It was £8 from £16 so half price but still not completely bargainous. I fell in love with the robins though and I did have my eye on it when it was actually Christmas. I'm sure I'll be pleased I bought it though when December rolls around again! 
I also bought a plain grey hoodie as I live in these. Nothing exciting but I know I'll get my wear out of it. I think it was a fiver thought the sticker said eight. 
I didn't need anymore pyjamas, but I spotted these toast and biscuit ones on the way to the till and just had to have them. Love a bit of whimsy. 

The black trousers are from Primark and are the silky pj sort. I loved my pair last Summer so I thought I would get these early before they sold out, which is always the case in Primark when I see Summer clothes I like! I think these were £8, 

I did have more to include but I think I'll put them into separate posts! 

Have you bought any bargains lately? 

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