Monday, 20 May 2013

Bargains of Late!

I had a cheeky shop at the weekend and I found some great bargains! I shouldn't of been spending but these were such steals it would of been rude not to.
In TK Maxx I picked up a bottle of Dr Bronners Citrus Orange Pure  Castile Soap for £3.00 as I have been meaning to get some for ages. I had a few samples of it in a JolieBox and it was excellent for cleaning my brushes with. It is also the only cleaning product that has gotten my beauty blender properly clean! Here I also got a 200ml tub of Nip + Fab Pistachio Sundae Body Butter for £4.99. I don't really know why I got this as I have a tonne of moisturisers already that I just don't use! I think I was lured in by the yummyness. I am glad I got it though as it smells divine and feels super nourishing. Perfect for my scaly legs! The label states the RRP is £9.94 but you can get it in Boots for £8. 49. Either way it's cheaper. 

I also popped into Poundland, as I always do, and found a rather nice cook book called 'Cooking With Coco' Even though it's based on recipes for children there are some really nice looking dishes in there. Basically it's full of simple Italian (mostly) home cooking that should please the whole family. I like that it's not full of typical fussy kiddie fare but rather a wide variety of proper food. The price on the back is £18.99 so this is a great bargain for a quality cook book. 

I also got a lightweight jumper in the sale at New Look for £7, but I am currently wearing it and have no mirror long enough to take a pic of it on! I'll try and add it in later but it's on the website so you can see it here.  

Have you picked up any bargains lately? 


  1. Great bargains! I picked up the Tigi Superstar shampoo & conditioner for the rrp of just the shampoo in TK MAXX last week, yay x

    1. Oo I think I've tried that- smelt gorgeous if I remember rightly