Thursday, 6 June 2013

L'Oreal 3 in 1 Purifying Micellar Solution

Once again time has ran away from me and I've neglected my little blog. I've been pretty busy lately what with working at school as well as playscheme during the hols-any spare time has just been spent lounging on the sofa doing sod all! I will try and make more of an effort though as I hate leaving it so long between posts. Now onto the review...
Mornings are a bit of a rush for me and I'm always so tired when it comes to bedtime that doing a full cleanse tone and moisturise routine is just far too much effort. I usually use wipes but I wanted to see if a micellar cleanser would be more effective and gentle. I've been tempted by them for ages but they always seemed a bit on the pricey side so when I saw this offering from L'Oreal for about £4 I thought I might as well try it. This has been all over the blogisphere lately and I'm sure you're pretty familiar with it so I won't ramble on! Basically it's a gentle water like solution which removes makeup (including eyes and lips) leaving no residue. I've been using it for a little whilst now and overall I'm pleased with how well it works. It doesn't leave my skin dry or oily feeling and removed my makeup, even stubborn mascara, easily. My skin can be a bit temperamental but so far it hasn't broken me out. Here's hoping it stays that way! What I will say though is that I hate the bottle design. Is it just me or does anyone else find that it gets everywhere when you try and put some on a cotton pad??
Anyways, this works well and I will probably repurchase as it really does take the fuss out of cleansing when you really can't be bothered!


  1. haven't tried this yet as I'm faithful to my bioderma.. but I might get it.. hehe

    1. I still want to try bioderma, it's on my wish list!