Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Hyped Up Products I Don't Rate!

Benefit's They're Real! mascara and Dr Jart Water Fuse Beauty Balm. Two products that have been very popular in the blogging world. Sadly these two just didn't cut it for me and I'm not that impressed with them. They're both sample sizes but I've tried enough to say that I'm definitely not that keen.
My biggest issue with the bb cream is that it's too orange for me. This surprised me as I'd heard it was good for paler skin tones but on numerous occasions I've thought I've blended it out enough and then later on discovered the dreaded tide mark! The texture is also quite unusual in that as you rub it in it becomes watery,  for want of a much better description! This isn't necessarily a bad thing but on top of a moisturiser, which I need as most foundations/bb creams cling to my dry areas, it just doesn't seem to sit right and it can end up looking quite patchy. I'm hoping to use this up when I've got more of a tan as really my main issue is that it's too dark for me. I won't be repurchasing, especially as it's quite pricey!
Now I was really looking forward to trying the Benefit mascara as I'd heard it gives amazing results, but for me, it's rather average. It doesn't seem to give much volume at all and I can't build it up and put on multiple coats without it looking awful. It does define, in the sense that it makes them darker at least, but for what I'm looking for I much prefer Seventeen's Doll'd Up mascara and Clinique High Impact mascara. I'm also not a fan of the brush as it's quite spikey and I always seem to poke myself with it!


  1. I've never wanted to try that BB cream 'cause it just seems like it'll be too dark for me! I quite like They're Real, it works for me! x

    1. I might try and layer it with another and see if I get better results!

  2. I loved They're Real at first until I realised it was going to rip all my eyelashes out to get it off. I wouldn't mind but they don't say it's a waterproof mascara. I'd say it's bomb proof! x x