Saturday, 29 June 2013

Andrew Barton The Frizz Tamer Tame It Mask

I love trying out hair masks and treatments as my hair can get really dry and bushy. Attractive. It's also gotten worse since I had it highlighted again and I'm really struggling to get a brush through it once I've washed it! So anything that can can make it a bit more soft and sleeker is very welcome!
I found this sachet whilst having a mooch in Home Bargains. I've lost the receipt so I'm not sure how much it was but it was definitely under 50p. I'm hoping to go back and get a few more today so I'll put in the price later! **they're 39p!** This mask is part of the Shiny Happy Hair collection- 'a collection of no fuss, no nonsense hair products, that work.' I noticed on the back it says that it is produced exclusively for Asda so it's more than likely a discontinued item. The packaging also tells me that this treatment contains rice bran oil and pomegranate seed oil as well as shea butter to help fight frizz. I used all of the 20ml sachet when I tried it but if you have shorter or finer hair then you could get a few more uses out of it. I wasn't crazy about the scent but it wasn't awful and really, as long as it works, I'm not too bothered about what it smells like. Thankfully it did work and I was left with softer and more shiny hair. It also didn't leave my hair feeling heavy like some masks can. Overall this was really effective and makes a great cheap treat for your hair!
Sorry for the crappy dark photo!


  1. ooh! I live in Home Bargain most of the time and I wish they stock it in my local ones soon!

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    1. Haha so do I, I'm always having a nose in there!