Tuesday, 2 April 2013

A couple of bargains...

I'm not working again until Thursday so today I went into town with my sis to kill some time. I didn't really need anything but I wanted to use my Boots voucher to get the new Seventeen Doll'd Up mascara for just £2 as opposed to £6.29. I managed to get the last one in 'Black' so I was rather happy! The excessive amount of sellotape wrapped around it made me less happy though. I know it stops the dirty peoples from opening it and smearing it about but it annoys me! I've tried this out and whilst I don't think it curls or adds real volume to my lashes it does add some length and definition. I also like that the brush isn't stupidly oversized and I can get to all my lashes. Overall a good choice for a natural, defined effect but I would have liked more volume.
 I also had a little look in Savers and picked up the Pure BB cream in Ultra Light. I remembered seeing this in a youtube vid so thought I'd give it a go. Especially as it was only £1.99. Is a bit dinky though at just 30ml.  I've gone back to using my Maybelline BB cream lately as I'm finding it difficult to get foundations to look good on my skin. My skins texture isn't great at the moment and they all seem to be clinging and looking patchy. It's causing much grrr-ness! So as much as I love that one I thought I'd see if this would work just as well at a lower price. The box has lots of spiel on it but basically it contains mineral pigments as well as collagen, avocado oil, aloe vera and something called Allantoin. It's fragrance and paraben free and contains UV filters but no SPF is given. I slapped it on when I got home and my initial thoughts are that it's pretty decent for the price. The colour isn't too orange and blends in nicely. It doesn't have as much 'slip' as other BB creams I've tried and I think it would benefit from being layered over moisturiser. I like that it isn't heavy and tacky feeling. Some have made me look very greasy which isn't an attractive look! Coverage is light but buildable. I know some people like to wear BB creams under foundation but I think this alone would be enough alongside a little concealer. I shall be putting this to the test properly soon and I'll let you know how it fares!

Have you tried any of these? I'd love to hear your thoughts on them if you have :)


  1. The BB cream looks amazing was it really only £1.99?! I'm gonna go on hunt on the website now! lol,

    Jamie-Lee|Glitter Infatuation Beauty Blog!

  2. yup! might have to go pick another one up now