Sunday, 28 April 2013

Everyday Makeup

So it's been another manic week for me! I started my new job, albeit unpaid at the moment due to having to wait an absolute age for my second reference to come through-grr. I've enjoyed it though, even if I have felt a little frazzled with all the information overload! I have also spent most of the week living at my boyfriends house as the school is just minutes away from his. This causes a bit of a headache in terms of organising what I'll need to take for the week but I have managed to stash away some stuff there. Basically it's all the stuff that I need to use up or that I have forgotten about. With nothing else there I'll have to show it some love! I do have to cart about the makeup essentials though and every time I pack my little rucksack I always think I really should buy a decent makeup bag! My brushes are getting misshapen and powders crumbling as I'm just using old Joliebox bags. Anyways I've loved being able to snuggle up on the sofa of an evening even if I have been dropping off!
Back to makeup I thought I'd show you what has been adorning my face lately. It's nothing too exciting as I have to be in school by 8 and I'd rather spend more time in bed than faffing around!

As my skin has been pretty awful lately I have been using a bit of Pure BB cream before applying my Revlon foundation for a bit of extra coverage. I doubt it's making my skin any better in the long run but needs must and all! To help cover my spots I have been using Collection Lasting Perfection concealer in Fair and Light. It seems Fair is just a bit too pale on me at the moment so I mix in a smidge of the Light one and it seems to work. I have then been using my new MUA pressed powder to set it all. For a pound this is good but I think I prefer the Natural Collection one I was previously using.
On my lashes I have mostly been using the new Seventeen Doll'd Up mascara. Annoying spelling aside I really like this. I'd prefer more volume but it defines and separates really nicely and stays put. It's not waterproof but I do find it fairly hard to remove-I'm not too bothered though as it's better than it smudging during the day.
Lip wise I try and vary it usually but this week I have just used my 17 Mirrorshine lipstick in Belle as it's been ignored for the longest time! This is very glossy and moisturising but I still apply it over a little lip balm. The one that is currently in my handbag is a Crazy Rumors one in Banana Split. I doubt this would be to everyones taste but I love the mix of banana and walnut! Whilst Belle is a good choice for work as it a lovely subtle, natural colour it does have a tendency to melt, something I discovered on one of the more hotter days last week, so be careful where you leave it! You can see a swatch of it in this post.

For blusher I have been using my beloved Natural Collection one in Pink Cloud. However on Friday the pan fell out of the packaging, as they often do annoyingly, and got smashed to pieces. I saved some but most of it now resides in the hoover :( Until I pick up another one I'll be using another blush which I have been favouring lately, which is the MUA cream blush in Bittersweet. I use this with a stipple brush as it is bright and a little goes a long way. This way I can build it up gradually without messing up my foundation underneath.

So that's what makeup I have been using lately. Not very adventurous but does the job! I really should incorporate some eyeshadow though as I very rarely use it and it's a shame to see it going to waste after spending a considerable about of money on it all! I'm sure a simple wash of colour won't add too much time to my routine!

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