Monday, 17 September 2012

A couple of disappointing products :/

Just thought I'd do a little post on two particular products which I haven't been very impressed with of late. First up is the John Freida Colour Renew Tone Correcting shampoo. I bought this after getting my highlights redone in late June/July to help stave off any brassiness. I get them in a more golden tone than a lighter ash so it can start to look a tad on the yellowy side now and then. I got this shampoo because well there's not many toning ones on the market (I only really looked in Boots though!) and it was between this and Bristows silver shampoo, maybe I should have chosen the latter because I'm not very keen on the John Freida one! Plus it was considerably cheaper. My main issue is that it is sooo drying. I have to use heaps of conditioner after using this and I'm not even sure if it does neutralise brassiness.I use it once a week and it never looks any different!
The second let down is Etat Pur Salicylic Acid. I got this in a Jolie Box and I've been using it fairly frequently but again it doesn't seem to be doing anything! I would have thought that this would be more concentrated that other spot treatments but it has practically no effect. I'm having a horrible outbreak around my chin right now and nothing is shifting them so I might go back to the Clearasil night serum stuff I was using to see if that will help. Anyone tried any of these products? What are your thoughts?

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