Saturday, 8 September 2012

Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream

This is definitely my favourite BB cream that I have tried so far! I sent off for some free samples of it and fell in love so I got my sis to buy me the full size for my birthday. True story there.
I took this away with me on my little impromptu holiday (I didn't go abroad but I did go to the seaside and get to have a nice paddle and an amazing doughnut with ice cream. I may dream about that beaut for a long time!) and it was the perfect choice as it was fairly warm so I didn't want anything heavy, but my skin isn't looking that great at the moment so I needed some light coverage. This BB cream boasts 8 benefits-
  • Creates a natural glow
  • Compliments skin tone
  • SPF 30 UV protection
  • Hydrates all day
  • Blurs imperfections
  • Oil free, non greasy
  • Looks visibly smooth
  • Feels fresh
All of this spiel I do actually agree with! I have found it to be very light in texture thanks to the gel based formula. I think my oily skin appreciates this as others I have tried have left me looking a little too 'dewy', more 'sweaty get' actually. I've got this in the shade Light and it's a great match and blends in lovely-I can be quite sloppy application wise with this and doesn't require too much buffing in. In comparison I find I have to really blend the Garnier one out in order for it to not look too dark. I have been using this over a mattifying moisturiser and my skin hasn't felt overloaded at all. I have used it without but I find my skin feels a tad tight after cleansing so I do use a bit of moisturiser most times. I do think it's a little pricey at £7.99 for only 30ml but that seems fairly standard with BB creams. It doesn't put me off repurchasing though, which I think I might do at the rate I'm using it.


  1. I love this BB cream, I own so many now - But this is the one I always fall back on :) xx

    1. I've got the Garnier and the 17 one and they don't come close to this one. I think its the gel formula that does it :)

  2. People have said that the western BB creams are glorified tinted moisturisers, but the Maybelline one seems great from your review!

    1. I think they are really! Would love to try a proper Asian one to compare