Saturday, 1 September 2012

Bedtime Beauty

This is just the small selection of products I keep on my bed frame ( I don't have a bedside table unfortunately) and slick on before I go to sleep.

Lush Whip Stick lip balm- I love this, possibly for the smell alone!  As a choc orange fiend this is the balm for me- it smells delicious. It's also really effective as it's full of moisturising ingredients such as almond oil, beeswax, glycerine, olive oil, shea butter- lots of good stuff!  A little goes a long way too, I've had this for ages and there's not much of a dent in it.

The Body Shop Almond Oil Daily Hand and Nail Cream- I'm trying to use this up at the moment and it's ok, nothing special. I used to like the smell more than I do now. When I smell it now I seem to get notes of furniture polish- oddly enough! Whilst it is light and does sink in quickly I reckon there are better creams out there.

Gwdihw Nail Wizard Balm- How cute is the owl on the tin?! It's also a really good nail and cuticle balm. Well I say balm, it's more like an oil really once it's melted on your finger. I love the ingredient list, it's simply coconut and olive oil, beeswax, cocoa butter, calendula and lemon essential oil. Thanks to the lemon oil it smells so refreshing and I open it sometimes just to have a sniff! It's also handmade in Anglesey so quite a local product for me :)
I was bought this from where they sell all sorts of other balms from this brand.


  1. I gave your blog a mention on my list of favourite blogs


  2. That nail wizard balm is adorable :) I kind of want to buy it just because of the owl haha