Friday, 14 September 2012

Buried Treasure!

I went to town again today for a short while and whilst at Superdrug I noticed they had a load of GOSH stuff on clearance. So I had a good rummage and lo and behold I found the holographic polish that I've heard a lot of people going on about. Well read really, the people being bloggers! I think it's a love/hate relationship? Least with this first version. Apparently it looks great but chips really quickly. I don't care though coz I've already put it on and I'm amazed by it-it's so eye catching and really does give a holographic effect especially in the sunlight. The best thing is it only cost 99p! It's a full bottle too, albeit with a little chip on the bottom. Suffice to say I snaffled it up quickly! This is the discontinued version, GOSH have brought it back recently with a one night only claim and I think it costs £4.99. It took 3 coats, 4 on some nails, but it's definitely worth it for the effect and it dried quickly.

549 Holographic


  1. That looks amazing! The holographic effect is so pretty :)

    1. Definitely one of my faves in my collection now!

  2. LOVE holographic polishes. I live in Canada but I hear so many of the UK beauty bloggers talk about GOSH. Thanks for sharing!

    xx Veronica