Monday, 24 September 2012

JolieBox September 2012

Ok, so this box is better than the August one but I'm still not convinced it's worth the money! I probably should end my subscription but then I'll be kicking myself if the next one contains something really good! Really I was hoping the samples would be more luxurious I suppose, rather than things I could pick up fairly easily. However I do quite like this one, though not the box- I really don't like the colour combo, but hey it's not that important!
I was very pleased to find a Balmi lip balm as I've been thinking of getting one recently. I got sent the strawberry flavour (though I would have preferred raspberry) and it's nice enough. The scent is strong and very sweet, you can smell it whilst it's still in the box! I've tried it out a few times and it's lovely and smooth and feels very moisturising. Perfect I'm sure for the imminent winter winds! It also comes with an attachment so you can add it to your keys or whatever- very handy! I was also pretty pleased with the Redken straightening lotion (30ml sample). I tried this last night but as I don't really have the patience to dry my hair properly I doubt I was seeing it performing to its full effect. My hair was fairly smooth though, well for me anyway, and it smelt really nice. I initially thought the two Twistband hair ties were a bit of a filler item but I'm always needing bobbles so I think they will come in useful actually! Just hoping my hair isn't too thick for them and that they have enough give- hate weakling bands that snap on me! I've been enjoying using face masks of late so I was pleased to see a coconut I Love... mask in there. It's a peel off one and I'm looking forward to trying it as I haven't used one of those in ages! I also didn't know until I looked at the Balmi packaging that they're from I Love cosmetics also and Balmi is their sister brand. Well you learn something new every day, haha. I'm sure I'll like the mask but it's a bit mundane isn't it?  There were also two weeny samples of Dr Bragi Bio Marine exfoliant. I can't really get too excited over these as they are so small but I'll give them a go and it's nice to try something that I couldn't afford ordinarily. Even if I'll only get to scrub one cheek with it...
Overall I'm happy but I'm not too convinced it's value for money.

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