Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Burt's Bees Beeswax & Banana Hand Creme

I actually forgot I ordered this until it arrived yesterday! I got this from CheapSmells for £7.82 which is good as it's normally nearer a tenner. I've seen this creme on a few blogs and it's all been very positive so I thought I would try it too. Firstly I love the packaging! Being the child I am it tickled me somewhat and it feels nicely sturdy as it's a glass jar. I tried this last night when I was in bed and it was definitely thicker than I was expecting. It is a beeswax creme after all but I just didn't think! As a result it is fairly hard to rub in but gets easier once it starts to warm up. You'll either love or hate the smell I reckon. It smells like banana sweets mostly but there is an undercurrent of something else too- possibly the beeswax? I dunno! I like it for now but it might start to get sickly with constant use! Once it's rubbed in it does feel quite greasy. For this reason I'd say it's better suited as a night cream-you don't really want to be touching anything for a good while afterwards! This creme would be excellent used with those cotton gloves for a really intensive treat. I'll try it out this way tonight. It has some great nourishing ingredients in it and the jar says it's 100% natural. The top three ingredients are sweet almond oil, water and beeswax. Fragrance is also quite high up though if you're sensitive to that.
I'll be keeping this alongside my other 'bedside beauty' items. It's sure to help with any chapped-ness that may come my way as it's getting colder. What are your views on this if you've tried it? I read the reviews on makeupalley this morning and it's pretty much hated!

Very gloomy for pics this morning but as I hope this serves to illustrate it's very thick!


  1. Sounds like something I should try - just finished their cuticle butter))

    1. Is that the lemon one? My sis has that and smells sooo nice!

  2. The packaging alone would make me want to buy it- I love when things come in glass jars haha