Saturday, 1 September 2012

A Little Treat

This has to be the cutest lip balm I own! It's a Pillsbury Ready To Bake Sugar Cookie flavour balm and the Pillsbury dough boy is just too adorable haha!
I got this from Cybercandy for £1.99 (see the rest of the range here), along with a chocolate chip pancake one for my sister.
It's not the best formulation around obviously but it feels nice on the lips and helps protect them. It has a more 'waxy' texture than a slippy one, if you know what I mean! Which is good as it means it stays on and lasts longer. The smell is actually quite subtle but I do still get a vanilla biscuit aroma.
No doubt I'll be reaching for this, along with my thousands of other balms, as Autumn gets underway and it gets colder. Urgh, depressing! I especially hate that it's getting darker earlier :(
As you can probably tell my camera struggles with close up things- it's getting on a bit now!

Aww, he's so happy :D

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