Tuesday, 28 August 2012

What's In My Bag?

Whenever I see this post title it always reminds me of a song I used to sing with the kids at the nursery I used to work at. I end up humming 'What's in the bag? What's in the bag? Let's have a look and see what's in the bag..' to myself. Oh dear. And annoying!
Here is my bag. I only got this about 2 weeks ago after seeing it in Internationale and buying it on impulse. I had been toting my old bag around for nearly a year so I thought a change would be good. Combined with the fact a half eaten caramel Freddo had somehow leaked into one of the pockets. Nice..
This cost £12.99 and is in the colour 'Mink'. As you can see it is a satchel type bag and has long and short straps.  It's a really good size, not too big or too small and the neutral colour means it will go with anything really.

At the moment this is what I'm carrying around:-
  • A little bag (with a cute hedgehog on it) of plasters. Just in case of blisters or what-not.
  • Me To You pack of tissues. Probably strange but I'm a bit paranoid of having a nose bleed when I'm out and not having anything. Which is sort of ridiculous as I haven't had one in years! But you never know!
  • Cuticura hand sanitising gel.
  • Cute mini kitty hairbrush from Poundland.
  • Paracetamol. I always seem to have a headache or backache.
  • Spare bobble for my lion's mane.
  • Car keys. I have a silver Ford KA is anyone is interested!
  • A little note pad in a cute cupcake design and a pen.
  • Icebreakers Sours. I got these in Cybercandy in Birmingham recently (love love that shop!) and they're so addictive, I'll have to get more at some point!
  • Burts Bees lip balm and 17 Mirrorshine lipstick in Belle. I always have the balm in my bag but the lipsticks change frequently. I often have more than one in my bag at a time too.
  • Mirror.
  • House keys.
  • Glasses case. I always wear my glasses as I'm too blind without them but I hate having dirty glasses so I keep the case with the cloth in to hand.
  • My purse. This was a present off my best friend and it's great. Pretty and plenty big enough.
  • Not in the picture but my phone goes everywhere with me too. It's a Samsung Galaxy Ace. 
Nothing too exciting but a little insight into my life I suppose! :)

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