Saturday, 25 August 2012

Superdrug Natural High Radiance Balm

I bought this last week as I felt I needed something to help bring my lacklustre skin back to life! I was looking for something I could wear under my makeup and this seemed to fit the bill. This 'balm' (which is more of a cream really) contains organic olive oil, witch hazel and elderberry, which apparently nourishes and tones. It also contains light reflective particles to illuminate the skin. At first, when I tested it out on my hand, I couldn't see any particles but when you look in the light they are definitely there. Thankfully it is not shimmer overload but saying that I'm not sure I would wear this by itself without some foundation or powder over the top. I can say though that it does seem to brighten my skin and I thought it looked particularly good with my mineral powder foundation over the top. Another plus is that the cream is very light-not heavy at all and sinks in immediately. The tube also states that as a special treat it can be applied in a thick layer then removed 15 minutes later. This seems a bit wasteful to me but it could be worth a go. It wasn't expensive either at £2.49 for 50ml. This was at half price though and it normally goes for £4.99.
All in all I'm happy with this and would recommend it if you're looking to add some radiance to your face :)

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