Tuesday, 7 August 2012

An update

Hey, just wanted to say that I don't think I'll be blogging for a while. I've had a pretty awful few months and now I just don't feel up to it so I reckon it'll be a while. My relationship of 3 years has ended and although I saw it coming I desperately didn't want it to, and it ended in the worst possible way. I thought I knew someone but I obviously didn't and now I'm hurting so much. I felt my life lacked focus before and now I feel even more lost. It's stupid, I know I'll be better off in the long run but right now it's so raw.
You probably don't want to hear my sob story but I think just getting some of my emotion down has helped me somehow.
So yeah I'll be back when I feel a bit more myself. xXx


  1. *hugs* hope your doing okay <3
    my last relationship ended just under a year ago after 7 years, just take some you time and you'll come back a stronger person <3
    keep your chin up lovely!! xx

  2. I'm really sorry to hear that :( Sending lots of feel good force through the internet for you. We'll be here waiting when you feel more upto blogging, real life comes first :)