Saturday, 25 August 2012

August Joliebox

My box arrived this morning and I couldn't wait to open it but I was actually quite disappointed in the end! The products included are meant to be 'summer saviours' but I think the makeup items feel quite cheap.  I am pleased with the dry shampoo and soaps though and will use them.
Here's the 'Menu' for August. Sorry it's not very clear!

To start with the box is very pretty- the lid is done in a sort of 'gradient' fashion and I will definitely be finding a use for it. I always need storage!
On to the products, included was a So Susan 'Wide Awake' palette which is 'a palette of skin-enhancing colour tools to brighten & illuminate complexions.' Inside is an illuminating cream, a highlighting cream and a set of three eyebrow sculptor powders. It also comes with tweezers, a little brush and a mirror included. Whilst the packaging is pretty it still somehow feels a little cheap. It reminds me a bit of the cardboardy palette's they used to give away with Shout and Bliss magazine (ah good times!). Just tested these on the back of my hand and wow. Crapola. It says on the back that the illuminating cream can be used under the eyes to hide dark circles. I don't actually have dark circles but I image this section at least could be useful to someone. The highlighting cream though  doesn't highlight at all. There's no sight of any sort of light reflecting particles- it's more like a cream foundation. Disappointing. Now I've saved the worst til last. The eyeshadow sculptors. These colours are ridic. The first one has an almost purple/burgundy tone to it, the middle one, which initially looked promising, has hardly any colour pay off- it was so so hard to get any product on my finger for a swatch! and the last one has an attractive green tone to it. Why? They also all have some shimmer to them which I can't say I would want on my brows.
There was also a So Susan Lip Cushion included. Now again the box was cute but the actual product reminds me of a magazine freebie. A bad one at that. It smells so cheap, like plastic strawberries.  The balm/gloss itself is ok. It's nothing special. It basically goes on clear with some sparkle. In the pot it's a bright pink-the shade is Crush-but it's very very sheer. Just checked the box and it does actually say it's a translucent tint-they're not wrong! I'd give this to my little sister if I had one. I also looked up the brand online as I've never heard of it and the website given on the palette sent me to the Jelly Pong Pong site. A bit confusing as it's not their branding on the packaging. I dunno!

Next up is Phil Smith Dry Clean Revitalising dry shampoo. I've actually been quite tempted to get this when I've seen this in Sainsbury's so I'm pleased I can try it at last, even though it is often on offer so it's not like the price was holding me back. It's not very exciting or special though is it?  I've not tried it yet but no doubt it will do a fine job. I've tried other products in the Phil Smith line and have been impressed so I do have high hopes.

I really like this next lot and it's something I doubt I would have tried if it hadn't been included. It's three Dr Bronner's Pure-Castile Soap 'pillows' in citrus orange, peppermint and unscented baby-mild. I've heard good things about these soaps so I can't wait to try them out and look up all the different uses for them. Handy to have!

Finally we have a leather hair styling lace. The menu says it can be used to create 'endless updo's' but for one, I'm very cack handed, and two, I'm boring with my hairstyle choices so I don't know how much use I'll get out of it! I shall research it though and give it a try.

So overall not a very exciting box- I had hoped for better. This is only my second box but if the September one doesn't impress then I think I'll stop my subscription as I think I could be spending the money more wisely!

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  1. Had a pretty similar view on the makeup, so glad someone else has! I've been reading nothing but good reviews all evening and felt like a bit of a pessimistic peggy! x

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