Thursday, 23 August 2012

My attempt at galaxy nails!

I was inspired to do these after seeing them on Midnight Violets. Whilst not as good looking as Hannah's I'm still really chuffed with them and it was so easy to do, and fun for a change, as I usually get quite frustrated trying to do some designs! I think it would look better if my nails were longer but I can't at the moment because of my job. Well I could but they would break off no doubt! I used a black MUA polish, Tesco's All About Nails in Blueberry Pie, George at Asda Buttercup Shine (so pleased to have found a use for this as it's crap on its own!), Color Club Coral Cascade,Color Club clear topcoat and a Miss Sporty glitter polish. These are not the best pics unfortunately but hey ho.


  1. These look fab! Glad you had a go, it's so fun isn't it!

    1. It was! I loved doing the stippling but it was so hard to get the black polish to go on neat, made a right mess!