Friday, 24 August 2012

New Skincare Stuffs

My skin is looking awful at the minute- I'm breaking out all over the place, especially my chin with those hard, sore, under the skin lovelies :( 
It's also in need of a good scrub as it's feeling a bit rough in places and not as smooth as I'd like! Basically it's really not behaving itself so I've bought a few new items to try and help it get back to some sort of semi decent state!

Firstly I've bought a St Ives blemish fighting apricot scrub. I really like St Ives scrubs as they are just gritty enough and work well. I chose the blemish fighting one as boy do I need it and I'm hoping the added salicyclic acid will help clear my skin. It was also a bargain from Superdrug as it was half price at £1.99.
I also got some new face wipes as although I realise they are not the best for your skin there are times when I just can't summon the energy to cleanse properly. I tried the Elf ones I got fairly recently but I didn't really like them so I got these Skin System sensitive ones from Asda and so far I am really pleased with them. They were also very cheap- can't remember the exact price.


I've also been on a bit of a mission lately to find a good light moisturiser as although my skin is oily it can also get dry in places and feel a bit tight after washing. I first got the Superdrug Simply Pure Oil Balancing moisturiser for combination skin but I found it to be too heavy and didn't seem to sink in. I actually had to go and wash my face again after a while because I was just hating the tacky feeling it was leaving. I may give it another go but so far I'm not convinced. I then got the Skin System Young Skin matt finish moisturiser from Asda as I thought for just 90p it was worth a go. Now this one I'm much more impressed with. It sinks in fast and doesn't leave me shiny looking, though I wouldn't say I'm left completely matt either. I've also found it works well under my makeup- I've been using it with my new favourite Maybelline BB cream to help prevent it catching on any dry bits.

I also got this chocolate orange self heating facemask from Superdrug as I adore that combo and love a good self heating mask, they feel so nice. I haven't tried this out yet but I can't wait. Hope it smells as yummy as it sounds! My nose isn't really in dire need of deep cleansing but I just like the novelty of using pore strips. They didn't really take out much but I don't think my pores were that clogged in the first place. Removal did hurt a bit I have to say and my snoot was rather red afterwards! I definately won't be using these regularly but they were only a pound from Pound World so worth a go!

Fingers crossed my skin starts looking better soon. I'm also planning on eating healthier as I think my diet is having a big effect on my skin- I'm just eating junk so more fruits, vegetables and water it is!

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