Saturday, 26 April 2014

Book Review: Wait For You

So it's coming to the end of the Easter holidays for me now, boo hoo. One of the things I wanted to achieve in my time off was to get stuck into a book or two. Now I've only actually managed to read one but that's good enough for me as I haven't really picked up a book in months! Said book is 'Wait For You' buy J Lynn which I picked up from the Works as part of their 3 for a fiver deals. These always sucker me in! I'll pop in there after work and before I know it I'm at the tills with an armful of books that I'll inevitably forget about! Anyways this one managed to pique my interest as I love chick lits and I really like 'campus' based books. It's probably a part of me that is yearning for my old uni days! The back describes it as '...the book you've been waiting to read since you put down 'One Day' and 'Fifty Shades of Grey'. Neither of which I have read but still a bold claim as both were extremely popular. I'm not very good at describing books and I don't want to give much away but basically it's about a girl called Avery who meets the campus stud, Cam. Their relationship slowly develops as we learn more about Avery's past and why she has moved so far away from home to go to college. We also learn more about Cam and his past and ultimately how they have experienced similar situations. It's about trust and secrets and the fears of opening up and letting someone into your life and what you want to escape from.
The characters are good but sometimes you can't help but feel that you want to give Avery a shake, as it gets quite frustrating waiting for her to see some sense as she constantly pushes cam and her friends away. The story does feel a little dragged out because of that, but hey, it is called Wait For You after all! Cam's cockiness was rather annoying at first but he does have some redeeming traits and his personality develops more layers throughout the story. I do wish he wasn't so stereotypically depicted as the college 'hottie' though. He would have been more interesting if he wasn't so perfect physically. Oh and a little thing but it annoyed me how he referred to Avery as 'sweetheart' . It's sort of condescending and not very realistic, especially as he's only a couple of years older than her-just seems an odd term to use! About half way through it also got quite raunchy. It was tastefully written I suppose, nothing too cringey. The whole skin tingling and stomach fluttering felt by Avery, constantly, got a bit tiresome though as did the whole locking eyes thing and increased heart rate etc etc. We get it! You like him!
The storyline wasn't too predictable but the relationship between Avery and Cam was, then again the title and the blurb are big giveaways! Overall I enjoyed reading this and was a bit sad when I finished it but the constant lusting and soppiness was a bit much at times! I may read the sequel but after reading the extract at the back I've got a feeling that the characters will be very similar-another hunk, another girl with a past, so I'm not sure! There is also an ebook of the story told by Cam's point of view which could be interesting but I may leave it for now.

Have you read this? Any recommends on what I should read next?


  1. I love the works 3 for £5 deals and always get sucked into buying loads of books i enjoy but forget about easily :')
    I've never read this book but it seems to be something I would pick up (chick lit is my guilty secret haha).

  2. Mine too! They're just really easy to read and get stuck into!