Saturday, 5 January 2013

Rather late Xmas Gubbins!

Better late than never ey! Here is an assortment of piccies of some of the thing I got for Christmas and a few things I picked up in the sales.

Lushness- I especially love the cool vintage style tin!
Cardi and slippers from Mother!
Really funny book from Father and a chick lit from my sis which I have nearly finished-expect a review soon!
Yankee candles. The baby powder one is gorgeous and really strong. The clean cotton ones are equally as nice but not so effective. Possibly because they are tea lights and smaller.
Yay I finally have Porchester Square after lusting after in for ages! Cheers sis! My dad also got me this lovely leather and steel bracelet. Very simple but what I tend to like jewelry wise.

Now for the sales stuff. I didn't really get much as I thought the sales were a bit pappy this year. Saying that I don't really go into clothes shop so I could have been missing out. I was thinking really of Boots- they didn't seem to have as much on sale this year for some reason.

I've been in love with this scent since summer-now I finally have it! The set was £21 something.
I think this was £6- it's gorgeous anyways, I like all the colours and a good way to try them before shelling out loads for a full size.
Nice violet soap from TKMaxx
The Works- Bargainous books
I love this perfume no matter how 'tweeny' it is! £5 for all this though!
New boots from Joe Brows. £19 odd. Can't wait to give these an outing
Bargain bag from TK Maxx - RRP £37, down to £10. I love the tealy colour and it has a pretty flowery lining.
So all in all a pretty good haul! :D


  1. Lovely bargains! I've been buying up a storm in the sales, mainly clothes. xx

    1. I need to do some more clothes shopping I think-everything is so old now..haha anything to justify a bit more shopping!

  2. Oh yankee candles ! i've been wanting to try these since such a long time but i can't find them anywhere here where i live :(

    x Liyana

    1. aw no, well i'd definitely recommend these two if you do find any

  3. Replies
    1. thanks, been trying to wear them in but they do rub a bit! :/

  4. love that tin that comes with the lush set, so cute! I'd want it as a lunch box :)
    Daniella x