Thursday, 31 January 2013

Some New Loves

Hello! Long time no blog! Sometimes real life takes precedence, along with a lack of money situation, but I have still been reading all the blogs I follow- that I definitely can't do without! I have missed writing though so I thought I would do a post on some new things I have acquired of late.
Firstly I have finally got my hands on one of the Rimmel Apocalips glosses. Or lip laqueur as they call it- it's basically a liquid lipstick. Best of all it was free as I was able to use my Boots points. This made me very happy after a particularly meh day at work!  I chose the shade 'Celestial' as the dusky pink shade is very 'me' and easy to wear. Though I have to say I was very tempted by Apocalyptic. And Stellar actually...  I wore this yesterday for the first time and I'm very impressed with both the formula and pigmentation. I'm not that keen on the smell but that's a very minor niggle! It also has pretty good staying power. It does lose it's glossiness after a while but the colour does stay, a bit like a stain. The applicator is also a bit different in that it's a doe foot with a sort of dip in the middle. It seems to aid application and gives good coverage with one swipe as it were. All in all this is definitely one to try. At Boots these are £5.99 but Rimmel currently has a 3 for 2 offer on so now is the time to buy if you want a few!

I am now also the proud owner of my very own Grumpy Cat necklace courtesy of my lovely boyfriend. Frankly who doesn't want a moody feline adorning their neck? Granted it probably isn't appropriate for some work situations. But do I care? No.

Thanks Stuart xx
You can get this beaut at Punky Pins here.

I have also got a new 'Smile' bracelet from Bekl after seeing them in Glamour magazine. At least £1 of the sale goes to Beat Bullying UK. I paid £2.99 for this two weeks ago but they have since gone up to £3.99. They are for charity though and are very cute, especially the rainbow one which I didn't see previously.

So yeah, just some bits I'd thought I'd share! Hopefully my blogging mojo with return now I've had a little break also! 


  1. I love the Grumpy Cat earrings and necklace from Punky Pins. So cute! xx

    1. I think I saw one of your tweets with the link and I fell in love!

  2. I love the colour of this one, it's so wearable (: