Saturday, 8 February 2014

Reuniting With Johnson's Classic Lip Balm!

I used to love my Johnson's Classic lip balm a good few years ago- largely due to the fact that it smelt like Milkybar, yum! I then stopped seeing it in stores and presumed it had gotten discontinued. Why??!! I had forgotten all about this balm until a while back, when I remembered how nice it was, and wondered if I could still buy it online. After a lot of browsing and investigating I ended up on Ebay buying a three pack of Bebe Young Care 'Klasyczna' lip balm in the hopes that it would be the same product just with a different name. Polish packaging I believe and sent from Hungary! It was a bit pricey at around £8 but that is including shipping. Plus I did get three after all! As you can see I was able to justify it- I really wanted Milkybar lips again!
Well it arrived fairly quickly and as you can guess they are exactly the same and just like how I remembered. As well as smelling gorgeous it works well at keeping my lips soft and smooth and doesn't feel too greasy or waxy. Overall a very lovely lip balm.
I've had a nosey on Ebay and it would appear that it is no longer being sold but it is worth checking every now and then to see if they turn up again.
Excuse the poor lighting, I just really wanted to do a blog post tonight.

Have you tried this? What is your most yummiest balm? 


  1. Ohh it sounds like it smells SO good!! <3

    Jennie xo |

    1. Makes me crave Milkybar every time I eat it. Actually might have to get some today!