Sunday, 21 December 2014

What I've Been Up To Lately...

Ah, long time no see! I'm seriously procrastinating this morning and putting off doing the mountain of washing up and the tidying I have to do, so I thought I'd do a blog post instead!
I am so glad that school has finished now for two weeks. They were all extremely excited and tired and it's just not a good mix! To be honest, I don't know how much longer I want to stay in my job for. As much as I love it at times I just don't think I can do it forever. The pay is peanuts and I have to say that I really don't like how the behaviour of the children is changing. Each year they seem to be getting ruder and more argumentative. Seems this generation don't understand what no means. That's not to say they're all like that but it really is putting me off. I don't know what else I'd do though considering school work is all I've ever done.
On a happier note, I've had some lovely days out and afternoons with friends. On the 30th November me and Stuart went to the BBC Good Food Show at the NEC in Birmingham,which was a different way to spend the day! I was lucky enough to win tickets but I do think it was very expensive. I don't think I'd go again if I had to pay for them! I did get to see the Hairy Bikers at their book signing though (as well as lots of other tv chefs) so that was good and I enjoyed going round all the stalls, even if it did get confusing at times- there was just so many! I wasn't feeling great, and was actually ill the next day, so that did put a bit of a dampener on it but overall I'm glad I got to go. Afterwards we went to Ikea which is always exciting, as sad as that is, and we stocked up on random tat and snacks. I do love their elderflower drinks! I loved their origami patterned wrapping paper too and just had to take a roll of the gold fox design home- hope they do it again next year. This has also reminded me that I need to dig out of the snowball candles we bought too!
Speaking of competitions, I want to say thank you again to those who voted for my mask. Sadly I didn't win but it was amazing just to be in the final considering there was over 600 entrants! Vanilla Chai won and in fairness I would have voted for this one too if I wasn't involved! Apologies also if you follow me on twitter for the constant competition retweets! I've gotten a tad addicted I have to say! I used to comp on and off a while back but this is the first time I've kept at it to see what happens. I've had a fair few wins now and it's been lovely to treat Stuart to meals out and to share them.
Onto Christmas prep, I'm pretty impressed that I've managed to get nearly all my presents sorted, as in previous years I've left it pretty late and it's all been very stressful! I've tried not to over spend by getting things on offer and using codes and whatnot but I do think I've gone a bit over, especially considering all my car stuff is due in in Jan/Feb! Presents are lovely to give and receive but I wouldn't be opposed if they were all banned one year! The Christmas food definitely couldn't be though. I think I'd cry if I couldn't have a chocolate orange!
Along with tidying, finishing the decorating is also on my to-do list. My mum kindly helped decorate our tree, which used to be in the conservatory at home but has now been passed to us. That leaves her with just the one tree now as she did have 3 at one point! She did a really good job of it, as always, and it's a big improvement on last years 'Christmas bush'! Now that was such a bugger to decorate and it was nearly bald by the 25th! Now I just need to clean the room and decorate the mantelpiece. Do love it when it's all done and I can relax and cosy up in the evening with the tree lights on.
I normally get quite stressed around Christmas due to travelling a lot between my mums house and my dads, but in the grand scheme of things I've got nothing to complain about and I shouldn't grumble. Instead I'll enjoy spending time with both parents as well as my boyfriend and his family.

Sorry this post is so long! Also I started writing it earlier in the day and then I had to go out hence the morning procrastination. And no I still haven't washed up!

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