Friday, 2 January 2015

Christmas & New Year

Happy New Year! I hope you all had a fab time as well as a lovely Christmas. I've had such an amazing Christmas break this year, I really don't want to go back to work on Monday. Don't think I'm quite ready to face the kids again! I'm lucky I've had 2 weeks off though so I can't really complain.
This Christmas has been particularly special as Stuart proposed! I really wasn't expecting it and I think my reaction scared him quite a bit! I was opening my stocking presents and the last one was a pretty box filled with tinsel. I couldn't believe it when I saw the silver case with 'Laura Will You Marry Me?'' on it.  I asked him what it was (as if it wasn't obvious!) and he asked me the question himself. I still didn't believe it and I think I asked him if he was serious! The rest is a bit of blur as I then started bawling! My mum already knew so was all prepared with a camera to catch the moment. I still haven't seen these pics- I bet they're awful with me a big snivelling mess in a Christmas jumper! The ring is gorgeous and he did a good job getting the right size considering I don't own any other rings. I later found out he took one of his work mates into the jewellers as he thought we had similar sized fingers! Of course I was on a high for the rest of the day and I loved spending the day with him and my family, eating and drinking lots, relaxing and watching TV.
The next few days were spent visiting my dad and generally chilling out, then on the Sunday we had our second Christmas with Stu's family. This meant more prezzies and more yummy food! Christmas dinner was delicious (Stu did a great job cooking the turkey- he does get a bit obsessive about it, bless!) and after some dozy, post turkey time, we had fun playing Scattergories.
The following day I had breakfast out with Stu's sister and she kindly bought me my first wedding magazine. I know it'll be quite a long way off but it's so exciting being able to peruse them now and picture my dream wedding! In all honesty, the thought of it is a bit terrifying but luckily we both have fairly small families so it's not going to be a huge affair! I can't wait to try on dresses and feel all princessy!
On New Years Eve we went down to Stu's parents lodge and had a chilled out evening. His dad made biryani and we played Scattergories again. I also enjoyed some lovely wine based elderflower drinks as well as my favourite Kir Royale! We  brought some peach bellini too but we didn't get around to it! For Christmas I got Stu a voucher for a two night hotel break, so after we came home yesterday we spent some time looking up the hotels we can choose from. Last time we went to Devon and this time around Somerset is a possibility as well as Gloucester. I'm so glad I've got something to look forward to to get me through being back at school!
I feel very fortunate to have had such a good Christmas and New Year and I feel so incredibly lucky to have Stuart as my fiancé. Knowing that I'm going to marry him makes me so happy!

Ignore my scaly hands. If I had know I would have made more of an effort with hand cream!