Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Sunday Shopping With Sis and Stu

Oo I love a nice bit of alliteration.

So, yes, on Sunday me and Stu met up with my sis in town. We had lunch first at Frankie and Benny's as they have a 20% off voucher going (note: do not have their mac and cheese, it was most meh) then a little mosey around the shops. I didn't need anything in particular, I was just up for a good browse. As is always the way really!

Firstly we went to QD Stores as my sister needed something from there. I don't go in here very often so it was good to have a proper look around. I bought the reward stars for work as these are the sort I use with the boy I work with on his chart. 99p for over 900 stickers is a bargain! I also couldn't resist the cupcake memo pad with pencil. I might also use this in work, but I haven't really decided yet. This was £1.99. They also did a lovely weekly planner in this design but sadly I don't need one. If you're on the look out for a blogging one then it could be of intesrest though. It was only £2.99 too!

I also bought the Fini sweets here (I think they're a Spanish brand) as I'd heard somewhere that they were good. Which I can now agree with. I'm a sugarholic though so I'm easily pleased! These were 99p and I'll probably be buying them again. 

I nearly forgot about this gift bag! I do love a good gift bag and I could not leave this doughnut one there. Also, you can't tell but one side is sparkly. The was just over a quid for the large size, I can't remember the exact price, and they also did small ones in the same design.

In Poundworld I bought the two pack of cotton gloves to try out, as I always manage to lose the pair I've got. The quality is pretty poor and they're very thin but for a quid what do you expect I suppose! They'll do as spares at least.

From TK Maxx I bought the Charbrew Strawberries and Cream teabags, for about £2 odd I think, as well as the milk and white chocolate 'Choconchoc' bar with raspberry pieces. This was in the reduced area as it's broken but it was still £2. I wanted to try it though as I've heard about the brand and it's £3.99 normally. I've already tried the fruit tea and it was very pleasant. Sweet but not too cloying.

In Wilkinsons I got quite a few bargains. Firstly I bought the E45 Repair and Protect overnight hand cream for £3.20, as my hands are in a state again and I'd read a couple of positive reviews. I've used it for a few days now and I'm not overly impressed but I'll give it a fair test and carry on a bit longer! I also got the Aussie body wash on a friends recommendation. I didn't even know about these but they were on an introductory price of £2.  I chose the Shower Smoothie one and it smells amazing! They could have used different packaging though as it does look exactly like the shampoo. The bargain of the day were the black bobbles for just 10p a pack. These have a nice amount of stretch in them (if you have thick hair you'll know how hard it is to find some with enough give!) and you can never have too many.

From Primark I bought a bunny fleecy throw and some 'Feet Heaters' socks, The throw should have been £4,50 but for some reason it was £3.90 at the till. Not that I'm complaining. I wanted it when I saw it in the store in Devon so I'm glad I've finally got it. The socks were £2 and they look really cosy. I'm always cold so these will be perfect.

Overall a good shopping day I reckon! If a little random! 

Got yourself any bargains lately? 

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