Sunday, 22 June 2014

Latest Skincare Routine

I'm having a pretty lazy day today so I thought I would write another post whilst I've got the time! I don't think I've shared what skincare products I'm using for a while, so that is what I shall be doing!
I'm not very loyal to products and I've usually got a backlog of things to use- my beauty cupboard of doom definitely testifies that! I often pick up items in bargain shops or from clearance sections so it seems cheap at the time but I suppose it all adds up!
I'm fairly happy with what I'm using at the moment with the exception of the moisturiser which I find to be a bit heavy for me overall. Having said that it's worked wonders on getting rid of the dry parts around my nose so swings and roundabouts!
For my cleanser I'm using the Garnier Essentials Foaming Cleansing Cream. I got this from 99p Stores absolutely ages ago so I thought it was about time I use it up. It's formulated for dry skin so whilst it is foaming it's not stripping. It says not to use it around the eye contour area but, being the maverick I am, I use it on my eyes anyway as it doesn't sting and it helps get rid of any mascara traces (I normally use wipes to get rid of mascara first). I thought it might be rose scented but it doesn't really smell of much. If anything it smells a little plastic-y for some reason!
I got the Anatomicals scrub on clearance in TK Maxx. I think I bought it mainly for the name! I'm glad I did though as it's not too harsh or too mimsy. It feels really refreshing and cooling, and has done a good job of making my skin feel smoother.
I bought the Garnier Moisture Match over a year ago now when they were new. I wasn't too keen on it initially, but after having it hidden away for months I felt it was time to give it another go. The texture is quite strange as it's sort of sorbet like. It feels a tad granular but it actually isn't- odd! It's meant for combination/oily skin but like I said, I find it a bit much and it leaves me looking too shiny. It's ok under foundation though and my Maybelline Dream Pure BB cream in particular helps take away some of the shine. It's nearly finished now and I'm quite glad. Even though it was good for my dry patches!
I've also been using the Neutrogena ultra-light spot treatment moisturiser when I'm feeling particularly spotty or at night time when I want something that's going to absorb straight away-it's nice to have a break sometimes from all the heavier creams, especially in summer.
Under my make up I've started wearing the Nip + Fab Shine Fix mattifying gel to help manage shininess during the day. It doesn't prevent all shine but I can see the difference when I don't wear it. Some gels can ball up but this doesn't and it has a lovely clean, fresh scent. All in all not a bad buy from TK Maxx (again!).
I also use Pure sensitive wipes which I get from Poundland (2 packs for a quid-bargain) as well as the Pure micellar water from Savers for £1.99. It's so good, I don't know why more people don't write about it! I wrote about it very briefly here.

Have you tried any of these products? What did you think?


  1. I've never tried any of these but have just used up the pink moisture match for dry-to-very-dry - so worth it! x

    1. I just wish it was a touch lighter then I'd probably repurchase as it's nearly always on offer somewhere!

  2. Great range of products, I have never tried any of them but I want to. I love your blog and I have started following you with Bloglovin and GFC. If you ever get a chance to check out my blog I would be delighted, thanks!

    Camille xo.