Friday, 4 July 2014

NOTD- Seventeen Gel Colour- Razberrito

I bought this a while back but for some reason I just haven't been in the mood for painting my nails lately. That was until this week when I got fed up of having naked nails and  thought I'd give this one a try! The gorgeous raspberry red shade is just so summery! I've just taken the picture after about 3 days and you can probably notice a bit of tip wear. The bottle claims up to 8 days of wear so it has fallen short somewhat but considering my hands and nails take quite a beating at work, I'm still pretty impressed. The formula has a near jelly like quality to it so it did require 3 coats to get the opacity I wanted. Each coat dried fast, for a gel polish, so it wasn't really a problem. Some gel polishes can be quite gloopy and hard to work with, but this one applied smoothly and evenly. The finished result was very shiny but I also put on my Nails Inc top coat, as I painted them late at night and got the dreaded sheet marks on a few of them. Handy tip there though, I always find a coat of top coat fixes that problem!

I think I'll definitely be trying out some more shades! 

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