Sunday, 6 July 2014

Saturday Spending

Yesterday I popped into town to try and get some clothes for my holiday but, as is always the way when you really need stuff, there wasn't much that caught my eye. I wanted a really good look in Primark but it was so busy and I just wasn't in the mood for dodging chavvy mums and obnoxious teens so I left it for another time. Come the holidays I think I'll try and go to the one in Liverpool super early!
I managed to buy a few bits and pieces though and thought I'd share my little lot.

I got some cute socks on sale in Dorothy Perkins. Not much to say about them really! Have to love pandas and owls!

 In Peacocks I got this happy brekkie pj top and a pink aztec print tshirt. I thought the top might look nice paired with some denim shorts. If I decide to get my legs out that is. I'm still not feeling very confident about them as they're so stretch marked all of a sudden. I just had to get the pj top- look at their little faces! They had matching bottoms too but I thought that might be a bit OTT. I'll probably wear them with some plain shorts. These were a bargain too as it was 20% off everything! Wish I'd gotten more but I just didn't see anything else I fancied. If you're interested the pj top normally costs £4 and the tshirt costs £8.

In TK Maxx I got this set of mini Essie polishes from the 2013 Spring Collection. These were a complete impulse buy as they were by the tills and the queue was moving fast! I love all the colours though and I thought £6.99 was a decent price to try out 4 shades (Avenue Maintain, Bond With Whomever, Madison Ave-Hue and Go Ginza). Strange names. 

The box they came in was very pretty but sadly it was rather mashed up. I didn't notice until I'd gotten home but as I said I think this was the quickest I've ever bought anything! 

I can't wait until school is over now so I can get up early and have a proper look around. 


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    1. who doesn't like smiley sausages!

  2. Lovely purchases! Fab deal on the Essie polishes!


    1. May have to see if they've got anymore sets there!