Sunday, 8 June 2014

L'Oreal Color Infallible Eyeshadows

Or 'Infaillible like it says on the pots... a bit confusing! But anyways, I found these whilst having a browse in Poundland, like I do nearly everyday, shamefully, and for that price I had to try them out as they seem very well loved in the blogosphere. They had quite the shade collection but I chose Metallic Lilac and Endless Chocolat. I actually only got the lilac shade at first, but when I got home and swatched it I had to go back and see if there was any other colours I would wear as I was so impressed. Also, I'm not too sure why the packaging is different between the two. I'm not that fussed though as the pigmentation and quality is amazing! I'd read plenty of glowing reviews so I was wondering whether they would live up to them but they really do. They are a sort of compacted loose powder but they are not messy in the slightest. They have the softest texture ever. I think bloggers over use the term 'buttery' but these actually deserve the description! The pigmentation is possibly the best I've experienced. The colours come out so rich and vibrant and they swatch like a dream- I hate eyeshadows that look good on your finger and then don't transfer well. I'm not sure about any fall out, as I haven't worn them properly yet, but I'm going to today and I shall put in an update later on. The brown is very intense so I think it will make a good liner smudged out a little, whilst the lilac would look pretty all over the lid. I'm hoping this one in particular will compliment my green eyes.
Overall these are brilliant and for a quid you can't go wrong!

Definitely worth a rummage in your local Poundland! The other shades I saw in mine were Coconut Shake, Burning Black, Sassy Marshmallow (which I want for the name alone!), Pebble Grey, Purple Obsession and Blue Curacao.

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  1. What a fab bargain! I love the brown shade!