Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Hot Weather Hair Saviours!

I decided not to take a hairdryer on holiday as I knew it would be very warm plus I was running out of room in our suitcase! On hot days drying my hair is unbearable as it's long and thick and takes quite a while to do- I really don't want to be getting a sweat on right after getting out the shower! My hair is naturally wavy when left to air dry but it also gets quite pouffy and wild so I needed to take some products with me to help the waves look more sleek and defined. The first one I got was a tube of Urban Therapy Twisted Sista Curl Activator, which I picked up from Bodycare for just 99p. It is described as a cream moisturiser to activate curls and eliminate frizz which delivers volume, bounce and curl definition to naturally curly, afro or permed hair. You can apply it to wet or dry hair from root to tip, however I mainly focused on the mid lengths to ends to avoid my hair being weighed down. It is quite a thick cream but once rubbed between my hands it was easy to distribute. Scent wise this smells fantastic! Just like melon! What's most important though is whether it works and, for me, this definitely helped calm my hair down and made my waves look less frizzy.
Apologies also for the less than sharp piccies!

Another product I got was a 100ml bottle of Trevor Sorbie Beautifully Moisturised Humidity Control Spray. This was a bit of an impulse buy as I wasn't planning on buying it but I found it on the clearance shelf at Boots for something like 80p- at that price I couldn't just leave it there! I also had high hopes for it as I've previously bought the mini Beautifully Moisturised shampoo on clearance and really liked it.  It is described as a final barrier for frizz prone hair and can be used on all hair types including colour treated hair. You can spray it on damp or dry hair but I spritzed it on whilst my hair was still damp. It says to spray it at arms length but I tended to spray it on my brush and apply it that way to really coat my hair with it. Again this was very effective and also had some hold. It worked well at keeping down frizzy bits when I tied my hair up. I think this is being discontinued as it seems the Trevor Sorbie range has had a makeover but if I see another bottle on clearance I may well pick it up  as well as any other travel sized ones that may crop up.

If you have curly/wavy hair what do you use to manage it? I'd love some recommendations on other products as I really like wearing my hair wavy- when I can make it behave that is!

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